Mustafa Kamal aka Party Wrecker has mailed me the lyrics along with the translation to the demo video i posted earlier. A little insight into the video as well. The part where Mustafa raps in the demo video was improvised and not thought of before hand. The rap was done live, the audio was not recorded. Since i first heard of them, i have been seeing their live performances on stage and needless to say, the boys keep getting better.

The lyrics: (In pushto, Urdu and English)

Uzgaar di ayaash di,  pa zmako manday ruaan di

[ farigh hain , ayash hain , aur apni properteon aur jaidadon pe lartay hain ]

They’re useless, live lavishly and quarrell over their property and wealth.

Miraat shi azaab shi , kho bia di zid kharaab ki

[ye mar bhi jaen, azaab bhi in pe aa jaye, lekin  phir bhi inki zid inko kharab kar deti hai ]

Whether Death should overcome or any calamity, their stubborn natures are most destructive to their being.

Dae na poigi che makhkay jwand pa laas ky da cha day

[ye nahi jaantay keh akhrat ki zindagi kis keh haathon mein hai ]

They’re oblivious to the One that controls their life in the hereafter.

Khushaligi che, dy paisay ao jinako ky maza day

[bus khush hotay hain ye samajh kar keh sirf larkiyon, jhoot aur paisay me maza hai ]

True happiness of their life revolves around women, lies and money. And they’re content with this belief system.

Kho daa tol shizuna ba yo ruaz kho kuaeegi

[lekin yeh sub cheezain aik din haath se phissal jaengii ]

But one day, all of this will slip from their hands.

Dae tol ba paday zmaka k khakigi

[aur yeh sub log aik din zameen me garh jaengy]

And all of these people will be buried in the ground.

Daa day jwand da kafirano, ao da ghat munafikano

[aisi zindagi kaafiron aur munafikon ki hoti hai]

Such is the life of a non-believer and of a hypocrit.

Nu khuday la para sam shae zama musalmaan rorano

[toh khudaa keh liye sahi raah apnao, mere musalmaan bhaiyon, theek ho jao ]

So direct yourselves to the right path, my muslim brothers. For God’s sake, correct yourself.


[they call me partywrecker]


[my fans move themselves into the groove, when they hear me rap]


[they get super excited, when i rap for them]


[and with my pushto rap flow, i make my haters reputation go down]



continued from earlier blog post:


The above video contains a television show by samaa tv where students of local university/colleges interact with a guest. The basic genre of the show is political and in this particular video the guest is none other than General Pervaiz Musharraf/ex cheif of army staff/ex head of state/ ex many things. I had always liked his speechs, the delivery style not very different from the way my father wins in arguments and clearly his got the smarts to twist words and add cynicism to his opinions to sheild his misery from reality and portray a strong stance. He has not entirely been truthful in the past addresses either, he just knew how to sell the ‘cover ups’ for truth. The know how is indeed a talent but the truth doesnt stay hidden for long and when a common few realize the truth in all those lies, they question. That is when truth surfaces and to me that is when we open our minds, remember to not blindly trust every leader than promises us a ‘suhana future’ and stand up for our rights as citizens, but most importantly our rights as human beings. The freedom to think, voice and question. In the said video at 08:43 to be precise, very simple and straight forward questions are put forth by a student of FC college, Hassaan Niazi, currently doing his BA while also pursuing a degree in law on the side. The boy is vaguely amused by his fellow audience members’ remarks or those of Mr. Musharraf. I commend his confidence and putting those questions out there, because really i want to know about all of that too. Isnt it about time, everyone who’s been anyone in power to destroy this nation, be answerable for the list of things engraved in our memories we cant seem to make peace with? We talk of democracy and justice, where is it? No body is by the people, for the people. Theyre all there by themselves and certainly not a priority list in hand with the ‘people’ on the top of it. This boy had his facts right, i was told he spent over two years researching about waziristan and the history of Taliban and mind you his knowledge was not all from books, he’s well in his rights to associate himself with people who have the exact information but he chooses not to mention for obvious reasons. In response to the very ‘to the point’ questions Mr. Musharraf’s response was first of amusement, which wasnt the same emotion igniting within anybody but him, the next set of responses was sarcasm, putting down the boy for false/misleading/incomplete information. If such was the case, why was Mr. Gen Musharraf there to asnwer these questions when all he had to do was tell the boy theres a scarcity of information, yet not INFORM him with the right knowledge? Some points raised by Hassaan were ignored completely, the rest were answered with no ‘logic and reason’ in them as if Mr. Musharraf was too big and important to be answerable to a little college boy like Hassaan. And the most ironic part of the whole Q&A between these two was Mr. Musharraf falling victim to his own…. maybe, AGE! A usually very careful and clever speaker was now contradicting his own statement. He was preaching only seconds before to have ‘logic & reason’ in information, questions, where in fact he himself ended his ‘supposed’ answer with NIL logic & NIL reason. Basically, there was no answer to satisfy my curiosity. Simply put he did not answer. That goes on to say alot.

When i saw this i said to myself “I’m going to write the analysis of this particular series of questions & answers”, he mustve slept well at night because these were ‘just’ school/university going kids who knew nothing about anything. But this is the epitome of democracy where the general public can question and deserve answers, surely he wasnt expecting such straight forward questions from a kid, but the kid had his story right and he had his facts in order. Democracy is what we need? is that what they all preach? every leader that steps into the circle of power seems to back this stance of democracy! well if they’re not part of an advertising firm, than its about time someone owns up to the truth because we pay for everyday of our lives in monetary fashion and through our time and ‘rooz kee dihari’ WE DESERVE TO KNOW, WE NEED SOME ANSWERS. No more beating about the MUSH i mean BUSH

In times like these, we mustn’t crib too much like brats about our government not doing jack or our next door neighbour being a pain in the butt for throwing their daily garbage outside our wall.  The world we live in, goes way beyond the “Life’s a bitch” statement over used by everyone hitting their 20’s. The Sialkot killings, the medical students subjected to police violence and worse the Flood. Most times, even I don’t know what to say! I’m a common woman surrounded by people from all walks of life. Half the time, I feel like an alien not being able to find one like-minded person because everyone has lost their basic / common noodle for logic. Logic is reason right? everything has some logic. Strangely I rarely find it. These days its gone missing. So here is my appeal to the people I know. Please let’s be grateful for the little things in our life. Positive thoughts equal positivity. I wish I could do something about our depressing media which has this love for drama. The more the drama of newscast the higher the ratings, just because it sells. I wish someone would project to the world, how common people still in colleges and universities are proactive in their approach to help out AND EXAGGERATE IT (every story), how this Canadian/ American/ German/ Swiss national who knows nothing about our country packs his/her bags and flies out here to lend a hand AND DOCUMENT THEIR EVERY INTERACTION but no everyone is surrounded by everything depressing, leaving no room for good things to be inspired by. I wish we were so grateful, for what all God’s given us, that the hollow spaces inside us for MORE would shrink if not disappear completely. Truly, sometimes a national tragedy is just what’s needed to wake up the ungrateful lot, and some. For all those still sleeping or acting oblivious to NATIONAL TRAGEDIES like: The Earthquake followed by the Flood leading to drone attacks (and bomb blasts all around the country) allowing American’s to take over our homeland’s sovereignty. Wake up! look around you. YOUR LIFE IS PERFECT! PLEASE SHUT UP AND STOP COMPLAINING ALL THE BLOODY TIME. Dont refrain from forgiving a friend who’s stood you up, who got mad at you, was MIA for whatever god damn reason, Dont refrain from lending a hand or taking a step in a direction that doesn’t give you anything back in monetary terms. In fact in a long time nothing anybody did made any sense to me beyond social acceptance or to look cool. Perhaps its time to break the chains that hold us back from being human again. GET OVER YOURSELF and do something worthwhile. Be grateful and help out a little. here is an article I came across written by Afia Mansoor. I believe if we were grateful for our situations we’d be sensitive towards another’s pain and that in turn is all we need to wake up at a time like this and be human again. On a closing note, I agree with all those working for the flood relief, either on the fore front or from unaffected cities, who told me that everyone who can go to the flood effected areas MUST go themselves.

Being Grateful is Being Wise by Afia Mansoor.

Humans live their lives in a strange dichotomy. Their bodily processes by default are running on a benevolent design that seems to be dictated by positive ness and function. But their minds are predisposed to a negative attitude towards life.

Let me explain.

Most of us who have had a chance to study about the physiological processes of the body know that these run on a default system. For most of us fortunately, if we have a sprain our bones work towards healing. The tiny alveoli in the lungs keep letting the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place non stop. The pea sized pituitary gland controls several extremely crucial functions like our hunger, sleep, bowel movements without our knowledge. The whole of human anatomy is based on a design that helps us live. How many of us know for instance that the liver is covered with a layer of thin membrane without which we could die because of the friction between the liver and other organs? The body and its millions of processes are designed to work, unless they fall prone to disease.

And then modern research has begun to investigate how disease can actually also be caused by how we think and react to life around us.

Which brings us to our tricky friend; the mind.

This is perhaps the master conductor of our body over which we DO have a degree of control and fail to realize that. For many of us, the mind takes over as a script of its own and keeps playing it and ultimately directing our worldview according to this script.

For many us, the script is full of dysfunction, misery, pessimism, fear, guilt, anxiety, bitterness and the like.  Interestingly research has proved that the way we think effects and reinforces our decision and attitudes. For instance, people who have been in stressful situations without coping with them effectively may be prone to a state of mind that refuses to process information accurately in newer situations that demand quick decisions. Their hypothalamus (the part of the brain that processes information and responds to stressors) actually reduces in size because they have been living in a state of anxiety, stress, bitterness or fear for too long.

Now imagine a kidney that’s envious of its peer and refuses to do its work. Have you heard of a heart that’s too angry at the gut for occupying more space and decides to take up more space. Does that ever happen?

No because the body seems to be in a state of gracious surrender to DESIGN.

And if it does happen, it has to be because of how we have behaved, thought and lived our lives. That is when we remove our body from its natural state of function through our thoughts and attitudes.

What this means is that if we think and behave negatively and ungratefully, this pattern is removed from the benevolent and positive pattern of LIFE.

Consider for instance, how many things can go wrong in your body. Millions. But do they? How many things can possibly go wrong around you in a given moment but do they? Yes you could be hit by a meteor right now but how many times has it happened to you or your loved ones?

And so is there a need to worry needlessly about the future that has not even materialized yet? Or of a past that has long gone but you make it ever so powerful each time you delve in it forgetting your present reality.

We abuse our systems with a consistent train of ungrateful and unnecessary thoughts. What if the theory about 2012 really holds true? What if my three-year old grows up in a recessive economy and doesn’t get a job? What if I end up getting cancer like my neighbor’s niece? When will these awful summers go?  Why did that mean scoundrel treat me so nastily? I feel blekh today. Why me? Why not them?

For some the thoughts go on and on and on. I don’t mean to belittle legitimate grief other negative emotions. But shouldn’t they be a fleeting presence in the course of life, like the awful bump and itch on the nose from a mosquito bite? Never mind if these negative thoughts are legitimate or not. They are NOT the pattern of LIFE if they go on for just too long.

Wouldn’t it just be a lot more easier on our systems to let go, to be grateful, to witness function around and in us and let it permeate through our thoughts?

Wouldn’t being grateful make us more attuned to what’s in and around us and make us decidedly more strong in living our lives?

Given the current economic conditions of my country, i.e Pakistan and the growing chaotic situation of its political system, if there is any, one wonders if their parents in old age and their toddlers in their early years of shaping personalities are safe anymore. So Pakistan isn’t like it was in my parents ‘jawani‘, with discos in Karachi, girls on bicycles or travelling by bus or foot. When I hear about those days it makes me wonder, if we went into reverse instead of going forward. Typically, we should not have taken on a conservative outlook seeing as modernity was prevalent in the past, we should not have created so many problems with women in the work force and the way they dress, we should not have become the low lives we became by judging one’s character by their lifestyle choices and/or the company they keep.

Nazia Hassan & Disco days

It saddens me how larger than life we set out to be and instead became the littlest, most shallow creatures existent. Our lives truly have no value and I don’t mean it in a political sense where we are dispensable by the hundreds of thousands. That undeniably is one reality but the other one that we deny everyday is that life is going to get better from here, when truth has it: IT WONT. Not unless each one of us, for their own sake, makes a conscious effort to live better. I will refrain from using words like “change” and “revolution” to keep from making it sound too political. I don’t want to be reminded of Obama or even Imran Khan (as much as I support him) because those discussions I have for supper everyday. We must assess the core values close to our hearts. Our own set standards of living, the simplest things we need and even those we want. In the miserable pursuit of our aspirations a seldom few lucky ones don’t get distracted, they are fortunate to keep their head straight and out of other business. I can’t say the same for most of us, including myself.


Kudos, to all those who have migrated to Canada, Australia and other such nations. These countries have their own issues, they aren’t exactly the ideal democratic states nor are they the most welcoming. But as I’m told, at least you aren’t scared for your life everyday, you can earn and put away the money in a bank and not expect for it to be worth nothing once you go back years later to retrieve it. It’s funny how, when you give a job interview, here in Pakistan, they ask you about your expected salary and when you quote the same amount you were getting elsewhere, they try to negotiate with you. For a moment there one wonders, if the ethics system of the work place is the same as that of a cloth market aka Liberty. The HR person takes on the Pathan’s role selling you the last piece of cloth, you don’t even like it that much but since you could not find the print you were looking for and it’s almost time to head home you settle for the one that caught your eye.

The salary situation, the work environments, the need for motivation, all of this and more need a careful review. Because with these issues and our economic situation I don’t think any of us can sleep well at night or keep our relations with the ones we love, satisfactory anymore.

Speaking of unwelcoming but safe places to migrate to. Canada reminds me of my mother’s fun getaway, when she was young. It reminds me of the place my brother-in-law was studying and try as my sister may, she would not get a visa to visit him. She had to be rejected twice, get frustrated more than twice and fill the forms again after getting married on paper (i.e: Nikah without Rukhsati), to be able to finally receive it. I remember when I first went to pick her up at the Lahore International Airport and the people who came off the flight blew me away and I dont mean in a romantic sense :p I saw this one man clad in red and black, from his jacket to his luggage it was all branded in Tommy Hilfiger, yes that racist. After I saw many a “dood wala“, mechanic, plumber and God knows what other kinds of strange specialized labour, I wondered how my sister travelled on a 14 hour flight (I think it was connecting to Dubai too, not sure). My mother and I saw a strange couple at the arrivals area, awaiting their passenger although even the Airport security personnel chose to not believe it. Here’s why: The man was under nourished, he could easily be mistaken for a beggar, the woman had dirt on her feet and her slippers were torn. The man’s clothes were the same as my gardener’s just dirtier and the woman’s dupatta was torn in very obvious places, for instance, the big round circle on her head clearly exposed her hair. They were pushed to one side and then the other by the airport staff for sometime, until their son (I assume) arrived. He wasnt extraordinarily dressed or had too much luggage or looked like he was going to change their circumstance. But I wondered how these people managed to send him to Canada and what grounds did he receive his visa? Alas, to add to my curiosity, my sister told me when she went for her visa interview the third time in her life, the general populace of candidates present, were all the same calibre as the ones I was witnessing at the airport.

Not so green with envy!

And here’s the most outrageous piece of information, I can assure you wont be able to digest. My friends Nimra & Kurt, both happily married for more than over a year now, wish to travel to Canada together but Nimra’s visa wont come through. Here is why: The Canadian High Commission need for Nimra to prove that her “Canadian” husband is a certified Muslim. This certificate that will prove he is, indeed a muslim, is to be signed by an authorised Maulvi. Some one ought to tell these Canadians that to be an authorised maulvi is not difficult in our country and since when did it become the Canadian husband’s problem to prove his conversion to Islam for his Muslim wife to obtain the visa? The only response that would make sense to me: is because they need for Nimra to prove that their marriage is valid. Okay, provided that is the answer they are looking for, so what exactly does the piece of paper co signed by the two and their witnesses, known as the “Nikah Nama” stand for? That piece of paper is what proves that they are indeed married and as for the question of his conversion: A maulvi carries out the process of marrying them off and for that very purpose, Kurt the Canadian, had to be converted. The Canadian High Commission is in a dire need of R&R and while at it they must reassess their policies, because all this makes them come off as not only unwelcoming but judgemental and discriminating on a very disturbing level. Who follows what religion and what belief system suits them, should not be the Canadian High Commission’s concern. What also must not be their concern is people’s value system, the Canadian High Commission needs to stop playing God, for their own sake.

Talibanized Canada!

So according to the Commission, the Nikah Nama is not enough to prove Kurt’s religious belief system and he must change his name to prove his conversion, in turn prove the Nikah and that in turn prove Nimra is his legitimate wife. It is disturbing on so many levels I can not comprehend.

Here is what Nimra had to say about all of this:

A certificate issued by an “authorised” moulvi that states that Kurt is indeed Muslim. The fact that you need such a thing is ridiculous, and second, atheists have managed to get such certificates, so it is in no way “proof” anyways. And how dare the state or the Canadian high commission question anyone on “proof of religion”?.  None of the Persians who converted to Islam ever changed their names at the time of the Prophet (SAW). Neither is it a requirement of the Shariah to have an Arab name. How is a name Muslim or non-Muslim? There is more proof day by day that our laws are not based on Islam but on bigotry. Apparently, we’ve thrown God out of the equation and need a piece of paper to prove what we believe. If that isn’t blasphemy I don’t know what is.  And why is it anyone’s business as to what anyone believes in the first place? Second, someone with an Arab name could very well be non-Muslim too. Third, they never asked us to give any such documentation when we applied. And fourthly, the Nikah documents are proof enough for Nikah cannot take place otherwise in the presence of a licensed nikah khwan. Well, they are saying that our Nikah isn’t enough, he needs to have a muslim name and a certificate issued by the state so that I can be allowed to continue applying for Canadian residency/visa as his wife.  The reason they want it, is to make sure our marriage is “valid enough” as per Pakistani law, ie, the Muslim Family Ordinance 1860 which states that I can only be married to someone from a Muslim background and since the marriage took place according to Pakistani law, in Pakistan, within the shariah laws of Pakistan, they would need that all conditions fulfill those laws. I do propose a second theory though: which is of course that the HC of Canada has been sub contracted to the Taleban. 🙂

Here’s the great irony of the situation according to Nimra Amjad-Archer: The greater irony? the Muslim Family Ordinance was put in place by the damned British Raj!

So when the next person tells me migrating to another country, living there and starting over will be better than staying here. I think twice and still remain as hesitant to consider making such a move.

Dieu protège la reine                                                                                                                                                  God save our gracious Queen,

De sa main souveraine !                                                                                                                                            Long live our noble Queen,

Vive la reine !                                                                                                                                                                 God save the Queen:

Qu’un règne glorieux,                                                                                                                                                 Send her victorious,

Loin et victorieux                                                                                                                                                        Happy and glorious,

Rende son peuple heureux.                                                                                                                                     Long to reign over us:

Vive la reine !                                                                                                                                                                 God save the Queen.

Our loved Dominion bless

With peace and happiness

From shore to shore;

And let our Empire be

Loyal, united, free

True to herself and Thee

God save the Queen.

I say: Dieu sauver le canada

So I have been told the material for their songs pretains much to preaching the straight path and connecting oneself to the higher power. In the process, lead a moderated life of honesty, selflessness, compassion, fairness and the likes. I am still awaiting someone who can provide the exact translation to their material in Pushto language. But Ive had hits to this blog more times than I’d expected and I thought I’ll update to my review but sadly, an idea of the lyrics is all I have. It must make do for the time, I suppose. 🙂

*watch this space for translation’s once recieved.

Pushto Rap -- FORTITUDE I may be mistaken, but I think I heard their manager say “forCHItewd”. It was brought to my knowledge that there is a Pushto rap group out there. Yes, they’re a real rap group. Inspired by Tupac, Eminem etc. Lo and Behold: FORTITUDE. A Peshawar based group of rappers. Still very much in school/college/universit … Read More

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Someone at work trying your patience? Your boss using you for a punching bag and not a sounding board after an ass whooping by his miserable wife last night? To top it all, the office boy brings you the wrong cup of tea when you asked for coffee instead? Those are certainly ingredients to a perfectly sucky day. Not one for the impatient/reactive kind indeed.

How must one handle such a day? Well for starters make sure to expect your day to go downhill and only in that direction once you get a slight preview at the beginning of that awful day. Next, tell yourself, over and over and over again and over if need be, that this too shall pass. Lastly and most importantly, remember that when this day passes, there will be a lot of embarrassed faces who will have lost their cool and you don’t want to be one of them so if currently it feels like you’re being disrespected and made a joke out of, it can be corrected just the way you like but in time. That specific day, however, is not time yet for corrections so let things roll out the way they are.

My largest concern at work has always been how well the senior most staff member is treated by the head of the department and in contrast how the kitchen boy or the office boy in that work place is treated. For all women it is important that the kind of work environment they accept to function in, has a proper work ethics system. Where women are treated as equals and not lesser. In my case, I prefer to work in a place where women are treated as such equals. And that no man has to prove his superiority to me and in another instance not suffer from inferiority complex from me. Yes, its true. Not all women go through the same experiences. There’s one kind, which is most of my friends: The Damsel at Work. Then there’s the other kind, I am part of this category: Misinterpreted Lioness. Both of the kinds suffer from male ego, one way or another.

All women at work are aware of the fact that the tasks given to them have to be met, but the male ego keeps pestering her to remember to do it, undermining her ability to do it and once she has finally done it, finding an excuse to continue to make her miserable by finding, if not making up, a flaw in her execution of that task.

I have not been able to relate to many women about the strange experiences I’ve had with the not-so-fairer sex. Well for starters, most men at work hit on me, oddly I don’t scare them at first glance. If Im lucky I find a father figure at work, whom I can hide behind if im not feeling much like a lioness. :p jokes. These men, who were hitting on me initially, end up either accepting me for the work colleague that I am and just that or being constantly effected by me negatively whether I intend to make them feel that way or not. They will either feel they’re not good enough for me to talk to, because my work ethic says im not here to make friends. They feel im too strong-headed, because ive got my head buried under the piles of work and don’t spare time for idle chit-chat ever. Sometimes simply, they feel their manhood is at stake because I am calling the shots. I don’t get what it is about men and superiority complex that only a woman can listen to a man directing her about how a task is to be executed. When a woman carries out the same role, he will hesitate which tells me how incapable man is because he can’t help himself follow a simple work ethic. I have failed to let my colleagues know that I wont celebrate soon after they’ve carried out the task. I wish I could tell them that their imagination in which I am jumping from one wall to the other with a huge grin on my face celebrating the female’s victory over male ego, is only their imagination. Id have to give these men the kind of importance that no man has yet deserved from me. Hence, there is absolutely no chance that Id have the capacity at work to dwell in such childish joys. Yes I enjoy getting to the finish line before any colleague of mine in a task to meet targets. But that’s just my competitive nature and it applies to both sexes. Those that end up accepting me for a smart work colleague don’t try their luck too many times after an initial failure, thank God. Among this kind, some try to be too friendly which is responded with blank stares by me followed by a meagre forced smile. I thoroughly enjoy doing that.

No work place is perfect, neither more professional nor more ethical. But one has to try to remain as best one professionally can and ethically correct. No doubt women have it harder than most men in the work environment. Try as we may we can never be treated the same. But hey, trying never hurt anybody, plus point at hand, we can turn on the female charm when we want. Before the male lot raises fingers, let it be publicly known: Men set this precedent as legitimate themselves. WE do it because YOU have made us believe that WE CAN.

On an average Monday morning like most, sometimes Wednesdays, keeping your cool and as one of my old friends says, remembering that there are all sorts of people you are forced to interact with at work, will help you get by smoothly. Afterall, its called work for a reason, we can’t choose characters in and of the work environment to our preferences. But if you got out on the wrong side of the bed or your boss did, if you have not slept well or are dealing with personal issues that you don’t even have the time to address due to your strenuous work routine, which is basically all your life has become. Then owing to the demands of financial stability and career prospects, taking time off is out of the question. Here’s what you do on most days that aren’t going like you hoped it would.

Your recipe for success: First, a dash of just being nice, no matter how much you’d prefer to fire your verbal spear at someone’s jugular. Next, a pinch of remembering the day (the only day) that you, too, were possibly this annoying and third, a hearty dollop of self-control.

Celebrating celebrities on their birthdays, movie/song/album releases or their death’s is a not a new trend. In fact I think it has been around for ages.

Today the world celebrates Kurt Cobain on his Death Anniversary.

Kurt was popularly known as the lead singer and guitarist for the band Nirvana. Many of their fans mistake the genre for rock I want to clarify that Nirvana was not a rock band, it was a grunge band. The grunge genre is a subgenre of alternative rock music and its inspired from hardcore punk, heavy metal and indie rock. You can google those to get an idea of the type of music that comes under the headings. Grunge music, however, has to do with electric guitars and unkempt appearances of those involved in the business of the said genre. Take a look at Kurt in the photo above. Notice the messy hair, which after he’s worn it I’m sure has become a fashion statement and quickly taken on by trend followers. I wont say all grunge musicians have angst filled lyrics, I remember some deeply moving Pearl Jam lyrics but generally accepted lyrical characteristic of the genre is such.

Nirvana was formed by Kurt and Krist the year I was born, 1985. In 1991, the breakthrough with “smells like teen spirit” brought Nirvana to the fore front. Kurt became ‘the spokesman of a generation’ and Nirvana was labelled “the flagship band of Generation X”. That was the rise of Nirvana and Kurt both and its final fall was in part a result of Kurt’s death. Nirvana was one of the most loved bands among my group of friends and im talking mid 90’s when Metallica, Pearl Jam, Def Leppard were the only cassette’s I purchased from Radio City. Yes, the Backstreet Boys days. They was accepted by parents not the ‘noisy’ ‘chaotic’ music blaring from my room. My parents thought i was turning into an angry, rebellious teenager listening to the kind of music I did. Oh they have great taste in music, rest assured, Police & Queen were introduced to me by them but when it came to grunge I don’t think they understood the lyrics masked under the layers of heavily distorted electric guitars.

I didn’t know Kurt was married to Courtney Love until the year 2000. I was not obsessed with any band member of any of these groups like my friends with celebrity crushes on one backstreet boy with blonde hair. But my music preferences were formed in that time and though I listened to Roxette and Whitney Houston too I appreciated all types of Music. Hey, even backstreet boys came out with one good song, I have forgotten what it was. I do remember Boyzone though, but this post is not about them.

But like the many fans of Kurt Cobain and/or Nirvana I was never tempted to get high on drugs or wasted on alcohol. I still performed my daily prayers and there was no form of Satan worshipping that many like to believe occurs from listening to the kind of music they created. In fact Kurt’s famous saying “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” triggers within the hearts of fans a feeling of self-respect, self-esteem, confidence and belief in self. But Kurt was mainly misinterpreted by media and his personal life was much affected by constant media interference influencing his life decisions. He was a heroine addict, there’s no doubt about that and even though there’s a lot of debate regarding his death, popular belief is that he shot himself and his suicide was much in part to his heroin addiction and media interference which gave birth to frustration and depression at large.

Whatever the reasons for his death, Kurt wrote amazing songs, gave us great music and he will be remembered for that always. His fan base is so loyal that they to date YouTube the same old songs over and over again, people like me still write about him, tweet and tell the next to generation X about his music. Nirvana is still catching on to music lovers and such is the beginning, after their physical end, of Legends.

Easy to please, extremely thought-provoking and intellectual to talk to, very deep and meaningful in conversation but forgiveness? When it comes to that, she crosses all boundaries of poisonous, villainous revenge. I loved the line in ‘Sin City’ when one of the characters says something about the capacity of a woman dedicating her smarts, intellect and everything she has, to take revenge. I guess it’s rightly said, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This is coming from a completely non feminist perspective but did anyone ever wonder why Karma is a BITCH and not a dog? Why did karma have to be a Female dog specifically? I guess it explains that when the scales balance and either of the two paybacks; good comes to you or bad, it’s as if the balance itself is a woman.

Notice how God gifted women are with their strengths and weaknesses which amaze us? She breaks down and cries on the littlest of things, yet she picks herself up, she is strong enough to deal with a loss, stronger than a man. And when it comes to loving, she goes to extremes man is not even worthy of. Revenge is a trait only she masters. So think twice before hurting a woman, my fellow-men and try to avoid getting on her bad side. In fact it’s not difficult to get on her bad side, because of her nature to be treated like a lady, with respect and patience. We all know man does not dwell in these matters with the care she expects so it isn’t too hard to piss her off every now and then. She’s very forgiving also, but she registers every detail that you might miss. Just don’t piss her off that badly that she’s forced to take revenge for the pain caused. A man’s mind can not grasp the tendency and extreme she will go to satisfy her need for revenge. Oh and rest assured, she’s much more evil than you imagine. I already covered her smarts in my post earlier ‘Draaactaaar saaaab enter thee hero af thee filam…

Behind those beautiful eyes, underneath the deep emotion that you may think you see, lies a venomous creäture with blood-shot eyes, savagely spiked mace in hand and if you could read her thoughts or even her face you’d see your head fixed a top a stick where your last expression reads ‘I’m so sorry, I want to take it all back’. Lets not sugar coat it ladies, we’re lovely but we’re evil when we’re pissed. Many of the women I know, including myself, tend to show our dark side. We let our frustration out but then there’s the general female, that’s the scariest kind, who will conceal it like no inch of venom exists in her or any female kind. Lies I tell you, all lies.

Continuing on the lines of what I mentioned in my earlier post about a woman’s smarts; she knows what you expect of her, she knows how you like her, she knows what will make you sick, hurt, or dislike her. Her every move is carefully thought out till the very end. She will seem honest to you, silly, blonde, plain dumb, needy, distressed and God knows what sorry situation she will put herself in. But my advise to the men reading this and those in my life is always to look for a girl, who you can relate to on the weirdest of things. Guy stuff, regular mundane activities, talks about hunting, weapons, cars, electronics that you are sure would bore an average girl. If she really and truly likes you she will want you so much that she will want to relate to you on every level. Im not talking about the obsessive girl who says yes to whatever you say. That’s just the clingy kind. The kind I speak of may not like it, but she will still take genuine interest for you. Not neccesarily like the same things you like still, but by taking interest i mean to say, listen to you attentively when you speak of whatever it is you are hyped about. Give you the power to educate her about it. All of this is for your sake.

Here’s what you can do: Bore her with yawning, mundane talk, other women (even actresses would do), hang up the phone as if you’re getting off the phone with your boys etc. Notice her reactions will be confused, afterwards distant and eventually she will show you a preview of her other side. But don’t do all of this in one go, don’t just begin and end the conversation this way. It requires a lot of thinking before acting, you have to avoid getting on her nerves. Your basic purpose is not to step on her nerves, that’s just your own fault, the point here is to give her a tease of the man whom she still very much wants but doesn’t want her back as much or plain treats her like any other acquaintance. I know all the women are hating on me right now. Please don’t. Think of how exciting it would be once again, where men werent dumb anymore. It’s not fair to win just because they can’t process matters like we do. When you put a woman on a pedestal and then treat her like an average, not so impressive female, she shows you what all she can be, when you frustrate her to the point where you are unpredictable to her and so are your interests & intentions, she shows you a highlight of her dark side.

All women are hypocrites, all of them lie, all of them have hidden agendas that may not necessarily be bad but they’re hidden none the less. You can never truly and completely understand every aspect of a woman. This stupid forward email about men’s brains and women’s brains was put together by a man for sure. Because whoever made it failed to grasp the idea of a woman. If a woman tells you ‘you can not understand her like I can’. The ‘her’ in which case could be your friend/ girlfriend/ wife/ sister/ mother/ daughter. She’s good for her word. Dont argue with her and instead turn to her for advise. No man, I have ever come across, who has been able to understand how a woman feels and processes everyday matters & interactions. Some of them are very good at judging characters of others their kind. They are so good they can even take a guess about the final result of a woman’s reaction from beginning (with her registering the action of another) to processing (what it is that she felt?, how she can react? and how she will?) and ultimately the reaction. These women take guesses and are mostly spot on as well. If you know of any women in your life who can be good judges of other female’s reactions, then by all means keep those lovely ladies close. They are certainly assets.

In a nutshell, a woman will go all in whether it is to destroy your very being or to make you feel, if not actually make you, the king of the world. Hook, line and sinker describes her basic nature and she’s born with it so you can’t hold it against her nor can you give her credit for it. She is made good, her good is too good. She is made evil, her evil is much too evil. But she’s given the ability to go deep with her emotions and no doubt she is God’s finest creation. If you’ve been with any woman and managed to come so close as to be absolutely certain of saying that you have known her in her best and her worst, then you have seen God’s finest creation in all its glory. And if after what you have seen you still remember her, whether it is out of hatred or love, then you have accepted her existence in its true sense. She’s beautiful, which means she’s good to look at it. She satisfies you in every regard. She stands by you, supports you, keeps you strong, keeps you committed, she makes you want to be a good human being, she looks up to you while also respecting you, making sure everyone else respects you too. But then, she can do the complete opposite of all that and more if you were to mistreat her. Now the feminist in me speaks; it is up to you gentleman, which side of hers you want to experience. Do you want the sweet or the sour? The choice is always yours. Yes, we give you that. The power is yours, use it wisely.

Mai Hero aff Laife

If only real-life was like the movies and we had assurity that the ‘HERO’ of our low budget movie will eventually arrive. LADIES, you know what I will say will make no difference to our current situation but I will say it anyway.

The Lord has stopped making amazing men. Let me rephrase that, Lord has stopped making MEN. Period. I come across the nicest looking men, the stable, sensible, the gentleman but then there’s always that thing missing. Sometimes they turn out to be such blondes, other times duds, then there’s the famous hormonal bitch, the complainer and the one that makes you feel like you’re on a ladies night out with your girls where everyone is allowed to express openly in their PMSing state. Oh, the kinds of gay tendencies I see. Then there’s the wanna be bad boys. Puke. No, you don’t turn us on. Off is the only direction our switch is going. It has nothing to do with the fact that I like Sin City. I am not a bad-ass girl, don’t pretend to be. I am as domesticated as any traditional woman of my country and want simple things in life.

Bad-ass meets Trophy wife

I don’t expect prince charming or Mr.Right but I would like myself practically possible traits off the menu please. Chivalry, Courtesy, Maturity, Mental Stimulation (even if he’s ever played video games he has a chance), humor (because he’s just a bore otherwise), quick on the uptake (slow is translated as blonde in my mental calculator). And hey, if he’s a good son, a good brother, a good friend, he will be a good husband. Because he gets the most important relationships and he knows how to support them.

Mr Right LEFT ME

Okay I wont be entirely ungrateful, I wont deny that I have come across some real nice men in my recent years. But here’s the catch, they’ve been friend’s boyfriend, finance, already my brothers in law or worse promised to some other woman and I am anything but a home wrecker. Who wants to be the other woman? Not me. But here’s their turn off, what in the world are they doing with the ladies they are with?

This universe is playing a sick game I tell you. All the nice guys are with the crankiest, most ungrateful and ugly girls. By ugly I mean inside. I don’t usually take people on face value (literally). All the nice girls are with sorry-excuse-for-a-man. These men, they don’t realize their woman’s worth and still like to stick their manhood between the legs of common women who turn on their charm for the very purpose of getting them in their panties. This universe is sick, I know of people who were great together but one wrong move and one clever home wrecker and whoopa, the man has been successfully lured in by the other woman and fallen victim to her smarts. Hence proven, men are NOT smarter than women. And I being a woman, don’t like this matter-of-factly clear truth.

Here’s one situation: DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and if it’s NOT then it’s your story and now Ive made it mine. Sue me!



So, this immature boy named “Toad” is seeing this amazing girl named “Ponds”, they have this absolutely magical thing going until. “Morse face” happens. Morse face is a cross between Man face and Horse face, if you’re wondering. So between Toad & Ponds there was an element of ‘Haiya’ (modesty) to the extent that knowing Ponds’s deepest darkest secrets, Toad didn’t have anything dark enough to ever question her character. He was the ultimate boyfriend experience for her and as such there weren’t many secrets to spill. Anyway, so Toad & Ponds go on for a while and after some years part ways. Typically because of Toad’s nature on receiving something out of pure luck and not being grateful enough for it. Ponds goes on without him and remains intact as the person that she has always been.


Not much changes with Ponds but with Toad, ah lets just say, his direction is south as is his nature and record forecasts. Toad had an on and off fling with Morse face while he was still seeing Ponds but they were meaningless and mostly just for fun. Now, however, after Ponds had finally moved on to her true potential, Toad setteled for non other than Morse face. Now Morse face had heard about Ponds’s character specifics from the angels, the devils and the stars alike, not to forget Toad himself would defend her honour with passion.

Morse face

Morse face used Toad’s weakness of Ponds after their separation to her advantage. She tried to fit herself into Ponds character and in order to reach her standards she came clean about the tiniest of details of her many affairs/flings/one night stands (or so Toad thought) and God knows what considering she was no less than a two penny brothel prostitute, the only difference was she wasnt paid for her services by any of her many customers. See Morse face thought like in the movies, where even the filthiest of women get a second chance by the priestY men of honor, she will seize to appear to him as the whore that he treated her like. Instead he will hold respect for her, maybe for her honest nature. So she tells him about all the boys she’s been with. Which one was first base, which one second base and how many at which base. So on and so forth. She does convince him she lost her virginity to him, which is a big fat lie because evidence has it otherwise. Regardless, Toad believes her and he remains inebriated most of the time so its easy for him to digest her stories of filth. Or maybe he just doesn’t care for her like he would Ponds so it doesn’t make a difference to him. The issue that bothers me is. He calls her honest. See there’s a fine line between Honesty and Baghairti. To me Morse face is obviously, without a shadow of a doubt, Baghairat. If you must ask

  1. One’s past has nothing to do with another’s present correspondence with them so its easy to digest their baggage.
  2. There are no questions about judging Morse face on the terms of a decent woman because clearly its even obvious to her (read ‘it’) that she is not part of the same class and never will be.
  3. Honesty is when you’re asked about something where doubt exists and you answer it with the truth because only you know it.
  4. Truth is told to defend one’s honor/stance.
  5. Baghairti, however, is letting another dwell in the truth with details of former lovers. And if I forgot to mention Toad is very imaginative in this thought process, Warner brothers resides in his brain. And with the kind of information Morse face is expected to provide. All of porn industry now resides there, Warner brothers have been evicted casually.
  6. Telling your current flame, you’ve had lovers, upon being asked of course, is okay by me. Responding to their inquiries is also okay by me. But not knowing when to call it “enough information” and showing them the “yellow card” is plain Baghairti.
  7. The over information shows the likes of Morse face trying to impress Toad types with their abundance of experience and if it should not swing that way in their favour, it will just amount to honesty loving creatures in their favour and they’d be let off the hook on that count alone.
  8. Two people in a successful relationship enjoy honesty, love and affection, equality, space and ultimately trust. I don’t see where baghairti comes into play.

Regardless of the points above, in this sick twisted story of Toad and Morse face their sole existence in each other’s life is defined by everything that comes under the banner of filth. Be it drugs, sex and alcohol or cheap parties, erotic conversations and passing time in fleeting moments of forced satisfaction. It all is meaningless. Ponds still has a standard Morse face can not reach try as she may. So moral of the story, Haiya is a safe bet. It will never make you regret anything big and you’ll always respect yourself, no matter what embarrassing situations you have to your name. You will always be able to laugh about them when you’re older and not turn red, blue and green like the many who will.

Alternatively, my lovely women get stuck with strange men they keep making excuses for. Their behaviours define to the world and its written very clearly on their faces, that they are ‘PRICKS’ but these lovely ladies. SIGH. They are the poor souls who feed their own misery. One just wants to shake them back to reality and recognize their own worth. But with their love so blind and their hopes and aspirations hanging by a thread, one wonders if snapping them out of their misery now is even a good idea. Seeing as they’re used to it, they handle it the same way all their lives and take it to their grave too. Such is the sad end of many poor women.

But to my opinionated, strong-headed, well-groomed, mature gals out there. I’ll share with you what one of my closest friends shared with me. We were literally sorority sisters in college and if we were not in Pakistan we’d probably be presidents of “Gamma Phi Beta”. Anyway, I’m complaining to Zee about how men have this irritating personality trait problem, not that I expect them to be perfect but really each one has some trait that makes you say “can’t live without you” and lay more emphasis on “can’t live with you”. So Zee responds by saying “Look there is always some shit with a guy right? we agree on this fact of matter and you have come to the conclusion yourself, so now you need to be told the other truth that there will always be some shit of a guy you will be obligated to take if you want to be with him. The question is what kind of shit your system allows you to take and what it doesnt. That defines what kind of a man is perfect for you and that my friend is the closest you’d get to being with a perfect man”

The following is a forward email sent to me by my mother, she recieved it from my father. None of us know who the author is but here it is:

The flight to Mohali had two Hindu Indians extremists. One took a window seat and the other sat next to him in the middle seat…. Not excited yet…huh!!!! A Pakistani guy happened to be in the aisle seat!!!
After takeoff, the Pakistani kicked his shoes off, wiggled his toes in his socks, and was settling in when the Indian in the window seat said, ‘I need to get up and get a Coke.’  
Don’t get up,’ said the Pakistani, ‘I’m in the aisle seat, ‘I’ll get it for you.’
As soon as he left, one of the Indians picked up the Pakistani’s shoes and spat in it.
When the Pakistani returned with the Coke, the other Indian said, ‘That looks good, I’d really like one, too.’
Again, the Pakistani obligingly went to fetch it. While he was gone the other Indian picked up his other shoe and spat in it.
When the Pakistani returned, they all sat back and enjoyed the flight. As the plane was landing, the Pakistani slipped his feet into his shoes and knew immediately what had happened. He leaned over and asked his Indian neighbors. ..
‘Why does it have to be this way?’
‘How long must this go on . . . ?
This fighting between our nations . . . ?
This hatred . . . ?
This animosity . . . ?
This spitting in shoes and pissing in Cokes .. . .. ????