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Mustafa Kamal aka Party Wrecker has mailed me the lyrics along with the translation to the demo video i posted earlier. A little insight into the video as well. The part where Mustafa raps in the demo video was improvised and not thought of before hand. The rap was done live, the audio was not recorded. Since i first heard of them, i have been seeing their live performances on stage and needless to say, the boys keep getting better.

The lyrics: (In pushto, Urdu and English)

Uzgaar di ayaash di,  pa zmako manday ruaan di

[ farigh hain , ayash hain , aur apni properteon aur jaidadon pe lartay hain ]

They’re useless, live lavishly and quarrell over their property and wealth.

Miraat shi azaab shi , kho bia di zid kharaab ki

[ye mar bhi jaen, azaab bhi in pe aa jaye, lekin  phir bhi inki zid inko kharab kar deti hai ]

Whether Death should overcome or any calamity, their stubborn natures are most destructive to their being.

Dae na poigi che makhkay jwand pa laas ky da cha day

[ye nahi jaantay keh akhrat ki zindagi kis keh haathon mein hai ]

They’re oblivious to the One that controls their life in the hereafter.

Khushaligi che, dy paisay ao jinako ky maza day

[bus khush hotay hain ye samajh kar keh sirf larkiyon, jhoot aur paisay me maza hai ]

True happiness of their life revolves around women, lies and money. And they’re content with this belief system.

Kho daa tol shizuna ba yo ruaz kho kuaeegi

[lekin yeh sub cheezain aik din haath se phissal jaengii ]

But one day, all of this will slip from their hands.

Dae tol ba paday zmaka k khakigi

[aur yeh sub log aik din zameen me garh jaengy]

And all of these people will be buried in the ground.

Daa day jwand da kafirano, ao da ghat munafikano

[aisi zindagi kaafiron aur munafikon ki hoti hai]

Such is the life of a non-believer and of a hypocrit.

Nu khuday la para sam shae zama musalmaan rorano

[toh khudaa keh liye sahi raah apnao, mere musalmaan bhaiyon, theek ho jao ]

So direct yourselves to the right path, my muslim brothers. For God’s sake, correct yourself.


[they call me partywrecker]


[my fans move themselves into the groove, when they hear me rap]


[they get super excited, when i rap for them]


[and with my pushto rap flow, i make my haters reputation go down]



continued from earlier blog post:


The above video contains a television show by samaa tv where students of local university/colleges interact with a guest. The basic genre of the show is political and in this particular video the guest is none other than General Pervaiz Musharraf/ex cheif of army staff/ex head of state/ ex many things. I had always liked his speechs, the delivery style not very different from the way my father wins in arguments and clearly his got the smarts to twist words and add cynicism to his opinions to sheild his misery from reality and portray a strong stance. He has not entirely been truthful in the past addresses either, he just knew how to sell the ‘cover ups’ for truth. The know how is indeed a talent but the truth doesnt stay hidden for long and when a common few realize the truth in all those lies, they question. That is when truth surfaces and to me that is when we open our minds, remember to not blindly trust every leader than promises us a ‘suhana future’ and stand up for our rights as citizens, but most importantly our rights as human beings. The freedom to think, voice and question. In the said video at 08:43 to be precise, very simple and straight forward questions are put forth by a student of FC college, Hassaan Niazi, currently doing his BA while also pursuing a degree in law on the side. The boy is vaguely amused by his fellow audience members’ remarks or those of Mr. Musharraf. I commend his confidence and putting those questions out there, because really i want to know about all of that too. Isnt it about time, everyone who’s been anyone in power to destroy this nation, be answerable for the list of things engraved in our memories we cant seem to make peace with? We talk of democracy and justice, where is it? No body is by the people, for the people. Theyre all there by themselves and certainly not a priority list in hand with the ‘people’ on the top of it. This boy had his facts right, i was told he spent over two years researching about waziristan and the history of Taliban and mind you his knowledge was not all from books, he’s well in his rights to associate himself with people who have the exact information but he chooses not to mention for obvious reasons. In response to the very ‘to the point’ questions Mr. Musharraf’s response was first of amusement, which wasnt the same emotion igniting within anybody but him, the next set of responses was sarcasm, putting down the boy for false/misleading/incomplete information. If such was the case, why was Mr. Gen Musharraf there to asnwer these questions when all he had to do was tell the boy theres a scarcity of information, yet not INFORM him with the right knowledge? Some points raised by Hassaan were ignored completely, the rest were answered with no ‘logic and reason’ in them as if Mr. Musharraf was too big and important to be answerable to a little college boy like Hassaan. And the most ironic part of the whole Q&A between these two was Mr. Musharraf falling victim to his own…. maybe, AGE! A usually very careful and clever speaker was now contradicting his own statement. He was preaching only seconds before to have ‘logic & reason’ in information, questions, where in fact he himself ended his ‘supposed’ answer with NIL logic & NIL reason. Basically, there was no answer to satisfy my curiosity. Simply put he did not answer. That goes on to say alot.

When i saw this i said to myself “I’m going to write the analysis of this particular series of questions & answers”, he mustve slept well at night because these were ‘just’ school/university going kids who knew nothing about anything. But this is the epitome of democracy where the general public can question and deserve answers, surely he wasnt expecting such straight forward questions from a kid, but the kid had his story right and he had his facts in order. Democracy is what we need? is that what they all preach? every leader that steps into the circle of power seems to back this stance of democracy! well if they’re not part of an advertising firm, than its about time someone owns up to the truth because we pay for everyday of our lives in monetary fashion and through our time and ‘rooz kee dihari’ WE DESERVE TO KNOW, WE NEED SOME ANSWERS. No more beating about the MUSH i mean BUSH

After Rebecca Black’s success of ‘Friday’, a teen hit single bagging more hits on YouTube than Lady Gaga’s ‘born this way’, Conan released his new single ‘Thursday’. We all know when you get the Conan treatment there are no exceptions made. 😉

This one speaks for itself.

The original: (she’s an adorable kid but for the LOVE OF GOD keep your shrilly FRAIIIIIIDAIIIII mouth shut)

The Conan treatment: (BRILLIANT shit)

and if you’re laughing already, give this a listen. He’s so irritated by the world, he vents all his frustration at Rebecca with his “mmmmmmhmmmmmm Oh Snap”. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy FACEBOOK (property of the band ofcourse)

I may be mistaken, but I think I heard their manager say “forCHItewd”. It was brought to my knowledge that there is a Pushto rap group out there. Yes, they’re a real rap group. Inspired by Tupac, Eminem etc. Lo and Behold: FORTITUDE. A Peshawar based group of rappers. Still very much in school/college/university(I cant quite place because one looks old the other looks slightly less older and the rest too young for college). I don’t know Pushto, so I cant give my opinion on their material. I did, however, like these decent boys pulling off the bad boy look and like they said in their interview on my friend’s show, there’s a stereo type to rapping. According to them rappers fit a stereo type of gangsters, they have no intention of being one or any desire to be seen as gangsters (they do call their lot “the gang” but i guess thats just slang for the group thats so cool together :p). They don’t sell drugs nor are pimps/gangsters but yes there’s a certain bad boy/wild child touch to rapping.

It was pure coincidence that I caught them on my friends show today. I don’t even watch the show and had only tuned in because he messaged that the highlight of his show was going to be Asif Shah, for him I HAD to tune in. Instead these crisp and clean boys from pakhtoon land caught my attention. Two thumbs up for following a genre not so popular with boys their age group and certainly not in their part of the world, at least not what I would expect. They not only took up rapping, they’re good at it. I heard them live on the show today and they did a bit of english mixed with its translation (I assume) in Pushto.

This one is i think their demo:

The boy Shaxx keeps fixing his collar in every frame, while the fantastic four behind the main two just pose. I keep expecting them to jump out from those bushes and start dancing like star boys or at least sing some chorus. But jokes apart, I didn’t see these lads with the critics eye. Much too soon to criticise them, plus they have my vote of confidence if they keep at it. Who knows they may be the next best thing Pakistan’s music industry will see.

Wah moment indeed. Fortitude boys are still pretty amateurish but they are doing a great job at bringing their stuff out. The video is decent enough, better than many locally made videos. Their content is although recorded live, vocals at least. But they’ve pulled it off. The complete act, all boy band, rapping only, nothing cheap and low-class. Just for the love of rapping and their pride in their regions language. I salute you boys, great job and keep at it. We need young talent like this. I never thought after Rahim Shah we’d see anything with the Pushto touch.

so how about the Balochi’s? are you game? YET?

You can find out about the band at: and rest of their videos on YouTube.

As much as I liked the original, regardless of my liking for Barbara Streisand. This march, 2011. My sheer ignorance for the original and liking for the manipulated version is beyond even my “critical” imagination. I just am that patriotic, I do so hold a great deal of respect and passion for my cricket team. Yes, especially the captain. There you go, as if it wasnt that obvious. My team green t-shirt says “Maha 10” go figure.

GO TEAM GREEN….. we can bag this world cup. InshAllah.