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Hank Moody does not know “ballsy” yet. Because this man compared to Mia is downright ballsy. He did not steal a great piece of writing and make it his own. He copied everything he ever came across, known only to him as music, put it in a blender and Voila. MASTERPIECE was produced. I can not believe my lucky stars, that this had to happen in my day and age. I am utterly grateful to the Lord, for letting me live this full a life filled with such amazing entertainment. If I didn’t know english, I don’t know how id take this in but even with knowing as much as I do this video is a classic.

and he has an Urdu version of it too. Not much is different, there’s still the standard english (according to him) from the last version. It does in fact have other silly but very geographically informative connections made to participating countries besides Pakistan.

He does not fail to fascinate me. *sigh