If i could describe myself in one word? Id call myself a hypocritic. My inspiration: MR.OATMEAL, you’re my best online friend :D. other friends include: too many like me, i will refrain from mentioning names for the sole reason, either one of them may have offended you or someone you know.

Brutually Blunt, often offensive, always defensive of what/whom i call my own, extremely sensitive, huge hypocrit and ciritical of everything on the face of this earth (man made ofcourse). Strive for perfection in what little i have control over, often easily disappointed but struggle regardless; for the light at the end of the tunnel, for the perfect ending, for unconditional love, for perfect imperfections, for fair decisions.

Intention: to take it out of my system and just that. If you can relate to it, great. If it offends you, im sorry but i dont want to hear of it as it was not my intenion in the first place so SOD OFF! (here i mean to offend you because you broke the first rule of my blog, dont read it, get offended and respond)

Lastly, i close my day with the famous “Live and Let Live”.

JUST IN 2012:

Some content may appear to you as controversial. There is no rating for adult content, read at your own will and take offense at your own will too. As mentioned in the previous years while explaining the nature of the blog, offense taken is not necessarily offense intended. The thoughts & opinions herein are those of the author’s and justify their existence with its owner’s, just as does the blog. Enjoy reading. Comments are welcomed, judgements are not 🙂

  1. leeeeeshus says:


  2. Whattay introduction! 😀
    Welcome to the blogsphere!

  3. Marium Agha says:

    U knw u r crazy:)but i still love u muaaa

  4. Soheb says:

    Hello i liked ur blog nd ur writing skills Maha
    actually we are running this page on facebook which quite famous in Pakistani tv drama industry … if u think u can contribute a bit to our page so then u can join us as co-admin .. But only if u are interested
    so contact me on fb if u interested ..

    • mahakhalid says:

      Thank you for appreciating. Most of what is written here has to do with “spitting out words” rather than being the usually ‘careful writer’ i am expected to be. I would have loved to write for you but I will have to pass on the grounds that I dont watch alot of TV and Pakistani drama industry I have been told has changed tremendously yet I was never too inclined to watch. I watch too many ‘angraizi’ series online and if ever an exception was made to watch the Pakistani channel for a drama or show was because either one of my friends or family were on it.

  5. Amna Mushtaq says:

    hahahahaa Ms Maha
    really like how you write…….just how you talk……. 🙂
    kind of scary though :p
    anyways saw your website link on twitter and clicked on it………
    GREAT website…….. and an awsome blog.

  6. mshaiq says:

    Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Your Boots & Boys post is one of the most insightful piece of writing I have ever read.

    Instructions here: http://mshaiq.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/blog-award-yup-my-first-ever-the-liebster-blog-award/

  7. mshaiq says:

    Hey you! I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check out the rules here:

  8. Moazzam says:

    I stumbled on your blog through google search for ‘direction’. Maha, youre an amazing writer. Why dont you consider writing a book? Your thoughts and feelings are so deep and analytical. I dont want to be creepy, but I wish I can meet you. Maybe when youre a famous writer. Good Luck and God Bless always!

    • mahakhalid says:

      Hi Moazzam,

      Sorry for the late reply. I have ignored my blog for quite sometime. Im so deeply humbled by your appreciation. I hope I can write a book one day. Cheers to Hoping 🙂

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