On the play list today!

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Ramblings...

On a dull & extremely hot THURSDAY WORK DAY!

Calm them senses

When you want to fade out

Just when you’re about to loose it

 Just Scream

Ahh! them Violins



Cliche’s arent always bad

Quick Fix

Dark road ahead

Old is INDEED gold!

Melody in Harmony

Deep kinda stuff

Heavy Lyrics

It all comes down to this

  1. Soheb says:

    hello Maha sorry i dint get any other way to contact u thts y contacting u here … if u remember once i offered u to write for my site … this time i am asking u again to write for my showbiz blog http://showbizspice.com
    u can write or share in music category or can review vdos or albums,features abt art or anything u feel apt .. so do reply me at admin@showbizspice,com as am really keen to teamed up with u

  2. soheb says:

    Maha u dint reply … like i offered u to write for my blog site

  3. Ambrene says:

    I dont know you but it feels like I wouldve loved to
    You speak to people with your words .. little as they may be… its truly a gift
    Thank you for this great play list… I play it on the way to work and back everyday and love its flow in time

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