Realities Misunderstood

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Ramblings...

  • When someone says:

“I’ve had enough I’m going to be myself now” it means = I’m going to be mean and bitchy/assholic in nature, because my niceness served no gain. Because if, THAT is the REAL person…. then honey, why would you not use it in the first place as the means to your end.

  • People have a tendency to be good to others and expect that when their times comes around, the one bestowed a favour on, would come through. DON’T! When did doing good translate to an obligation on another person and a right on oneself to expect the same?
  • When someone calls and asks: “Hey, Whats up?” They don’t really want to know what you’re upto, they have a specific NEED to address in the next opportunity to speak. And when you respond with “nothing much, you tell”. It doesn’t literally mean, NOTHING or they want to know what you’re upto now that you called, while they were obviously doing something worthwhile. This person is either not interested in telling you, or wants you to get straight down to the point. (Surely such calls are made by those who seldom call and/or such conversations take place between people who only call on each other in times of need, another reason could be: this person is crushing on you and wants to make conversation and this is how it usually begins :p)
  • Friendship puts you in a deep deep bond of OBLIGATIONS & EXPECTATIONs. Deal with it, or no wonder you suck at being a friend. It’s also the only bond where there’s always found: acceptance, forgiveness, a ready buffer and all the stupidities in the world. (You may be thinking uh what about family, no…. we don’t choose our family, we choose our friends. It does not apply, what world do you live in for even thinking that? step out of Utopia. This aint it!)
  • On the subject of friendship, if you want to judge a person: Not only will that person’s friends reflect their likeability, the depth of bonds and not the number of friends will tell you how good they are at maintaining their relationships. And the variety of friends will tell you, how easily this person moves in circles of types and how adjustable they are to people and circumstances. To be overly specific, if this person has extreme types in this variety, even better. Because now you know that they aren’t even judgemental. But no one should be judged on their character or personality by the kinds of friends they have, because on the surface they may all be different, all friends will have an underlying similarity that goes deeper than what meets the eye. If you realise this depth is in the sincerity of these types or their street smartness or their socially adaptable natures or their confidence. You will know the common trait between them is what binds them to this person.
  • Couples or generally people who fantasize about “three-somes” *bleah* either have a bad sex life with their partner or their reality is unfortunately so bad, they fantasize such fantasies. SEX is a union between TWO. I’m going to refrain from shoving in my thoughts on same gender relationships but ITS JUST TWO PEOPLE. Not more than that and not less (that’s just masturbation). On the subject, men often fantasize about three-somes with two hot chicks, never a hot chick and a hot guy. The idea is not to have a THREE-SOME but the fun of two at once. Women who fantasize the same, ditto. Men who fantasize about woman on woman action or lesbianism, they lack manhood. Watching one woman do something to another, what you here for? displaying your balls? A typical argument would be to not comment when you havent had prior experience in the said: In my defence, SEX is a sacred union and if you’re having something else I dont know. But from what I heard, it’s a high in a relationship’s peak of love making and expression. When did love become a three-some and to watch women love women? Im sorry it makes no sense.
  • Talk is cheap. Period!
  • People don’t change, they learn to fake better OR they were faking it before and now they have finally embraced their true selves.
  • Everybody hurts. And everybody hurts the ones they LOVE the MOST…. saab ghalti kertay hain(everyone makes mistakes), DEAL WITH IT! Because when you expect forgiveness then be willing to give it, when its your turn to forgive.
  • Everyone doesn’t drink to forget, just as everyone doesn’t pray in remorse. People drink to have fun, fit in a crowd, retain a licence  to act out. People pray to praise the Lord, retain mental peace, in gratitude and a practice of faith. DON’T BE JUDGING YO! Movies have made us all mad! We profile like the FBI & CIA. Shucks!
  • its not enough for someone to want another person, we need someone to want us to need them so much.
  • No one dies from the absence of another, no one will die without anyone.
  • The stronger we are, the more independent we become, the more self sufficient we train ourselves to be, only the harder we fall and the worse it hurts when we try to break this cycle, hoping to hold onto something else other than ourselves in fleeting times of misdirection.
  • The day you stop loving yourself, craving for another to fill up for self respect and self love – Kill yourself, its an abysmal pit
  • Being mature has nothing to do with being emotional. We are human – period. Emotions are not bad, being emotional isnt a crime, be careful whom you give this right to crash your ego.
  1. mshaiq says:

    Reblogged this on Preconscious and commented:
    ‘Men who fantasize about woman on woman action or lesbianism, they lack manhood. Watching one woman do something to another, what you here for? displaying your balls?’
    Hahahahahahahaha …that’ll never get old. And so true!

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