State of mind like a whirlpool
What an institution
This be that, that be this
Assumptions and substitutions

Pardon my invective nature
My toughest critic, my friend
Leave me in imbroglio
When it’s me you can’t defend

I go through sudden transformation
Inveigh, when I realize
My selfish friend, my enemy
Our insatiable natures and resilient ties

You hear me jabber day in and day out
Yet you fail to conclude
Make me feel like an imbecile
When you leave me for my mood

I love you but I hate you
I could kill you and cry
I’d hate to see you suffer ever
Yet, you, I’d love to defy

Falling in love, a blessing
Being in love, a disaster
The fantasy you’ll be fed up with
Is a trait only I master

Tragedy comes from self-pity
Violence comes from civilization
Greed and lust come from choice
Let me crash into you, you’re my infatuation

  1. Asad says:

    Beautiful Maha. The passion described in this poem seldom can experience. You have a gift, keep writing. 🙂

  2. Aminah says:

    Your description in detail of a feeling is pure genius. I love how you write. Please keep writing and sharing. Im subscribing to your blog 🙂

  3. Izza Khalid says:

    Im loving the flow of this poem!

  4. Izza Khalid says:

    And the picture obviously!

  5. Alexie says:

    Maha, you are a beautiful writer.
    Keep it up.

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