DEMOCRACY: right to question/answerable to the general public

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Ramblings..., Views/Reviews on Video
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The above video contains a television show by samaa tv where students of local university/colleges interact with a guest. The basic genre of the show is political and in this particular video the guest is none other than General Pervaiz Musharraf/ex cheif of army staff/ex head of state/ ex many things. I had always liked his speechs, the delivery style not very different from the way my father wins in arguments and clearly his got the smarts to twist words and add cynicism to his opinions to sheild his misery from reality and portray a strong stance. He has not entirely been truthful in the past addresses either, he just knew how to sell the ‘cover ups’ for truth. The know how is indeed a talent but the truth doesnt stay hidden for long and when a common few realize the truth in all those lies, they question. That is when truth surfaces and to me that is when we open our minds, remember to not blindly trust every leader than promises us a ‘suhana future’ and stand up for our rights as citizens, but most importantly our rights as human beings. The freedom to think, voice and question. In the said video at 08:43 to be precise, very simple and straight forward questions are put forth by a student of FC college, Hassaan Niazi, currently doing his BA while also pursuing a degree in law on the side. The boy is vaguely amused by his fellow audience members’ remarks or those of Mr. Musharraf. I commend his confidence and putting those questions out there, because really i want to know about all of that too. Isnt it about time, everyone who’s been anyone in power to destroy this nation, be answerable for the list of things engraved in our memories we cant seem to make peace with? We talk of democracy and justice, where is it? No body is by the people, for the people. Theyre all there by themselves and certainly not a priority list in hand with the ‘people’ on the top of it. This boy had his facts right, i was told he spent over two years researching about waziristan and the history of Taliban and mind you his knowledge was not all from books, he’s well in his rights to associate himself with people who have the exact information but he chooses not to mention for obvious reasons. In response to the very ‘to the point’ questions Mr. Musharraf’s response was first of amusement, which wasnt the same emotion igniting within anybody but him, the next set of responses was sarcasm, putting down the boy for false/misleading/incomplete information. If such was the case, why was Mr. Gen Musharraf there to asnwer these questions when all he had to do was tell the boy theres a scarcity of information, yet not INFORM him with the right knowledge? Some points raised by Hassaan were ignored completely, the rest were answered with no ‘logic and reason’ in them as if Mr. Musharraf was too big and important to be answerable to a little college boy like Hassaan. And the most ironic part of the whole Q&A between these two was Mr. Musharraf falling victim to his own…. maybe, AGE! A usually very careful and clever speaker was now contradicting his own statement. He was preaching only seconds before to have ‘logic & reason’ in information, questions, where in fact he himself ended his ‘supposed’ answer with NIL logic & NIL reason. Basically, there was no answer to satisfy my curiosity. Simply put he did not answer. That goes on to say alot.

When i saw this i said to myself “I’m going to write the analysis of this particular series of questions & answers”, he mustve slept well at night because these were ‘just’ school/university going kids who knew nothing about anything. But this is the epitome of democracy where the general public can question and deserve answers, surely he wasnt expecting such straight forward questions from a kid, but the kid had his story right and he had his facts in order. Democracy is what we need? is that what they all preach? every leader that steps into the circle of power seems to back this stance of democracy! well if they’re not part of an advertising firm, than its about time someone owns up to the truth because we pay for everyday of our lives in monetary fashion and through our time and ‘rooz kee dihari’ WE DESERVE TO KNOW, WE NEED SOME ANSWERS. No more beating about the MUSH i mean BUSH

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