In times like these, we mustn’t crib too much like brats about our government not doing jack or our next door neighbour being a pain in the butt for throwing their daily garbage outside our wall.  The world we live in, goes way beyond the “Life’s a bitch” statement over used by everyone hitting their 20’s. The Sialkot killings, the medical students subjected to police violence and worse the Flood. Most times, even I don’t know what to say! I’m a common woman surrounded by people from all walks of life. Half the time, I feel like an alien not being able to find one like-minded person because everyone has lost their basic / common noodle for logic. Logic is reason right? everything has some logic. Strangely I rarely find it. These days its gone missing. So here is my appeal to the people I know. Please let’s be grateful for the little things in our life. Positive thoughts equal positivity. I wish I could do something about our depressing media which has this love for drama. The more the drama of newscast the higher the ratings, just because it sells. I wish someone would project to the world, how common people still in colleges and universities are proactive in their approach to help out AND EXAGGERATE IT (every story), how this Canadian/ American/ German/ Swiss national who knows nothing about our country packs his/her bags and flies out here to lend a hand AND DOCUMENT THEIR EVERY INTERACTION but no everyone is surrounded by everything depressing, leaving no room for good things to be inspired by. I wish we were so grateful, for what all God’s given us, that the hollow spaces inside us for MORE would shrink if not disappear completely. Truly, sometimes a national tragedy is just what’s needed to wake up the ungrateful lot, and some. For all those still sleeping or acting oblivious to NATIONAL TRAGEDIES like: The Earthquake followed by the Flood leading to drone attacks (and bomb blasts all around the country) allowing American’s to take over our homeland’s sovereignty. Wake up! look around you. YOUR LIFE IS PERFECT! PLEASE SHUT UP AND STOP COMPLAINING ALL THE BLOODY TIME. Dont refrain from forgiving a friend who’s stood you up, who got mad at you, was MIA for whatever god damn reason, Dont refrain from lending a hand or taking a step in a direction that doesn’t give you anything back in monetary terms. In fact in a long time nothing anybody did made any sense to me beyond social acceptance or to look cool. Perhaps its time to break the chains that hold us back from being human again. GET OVER YOURSELF and do something worthwhile. Be grateful and help out a little. here is an article I came across written by Afia Mansoor. I believe if we were grateful for our situations we’d be sensitive towards another’s pain and that in turn is all we need to wake up at a time like this and be human again. On a closing note, I agree with all those working for the flood relief, either on the fore front or from unaffected cities, who told me that everyone who can go to the flood effected areas MUST go themselves.

Being Grateful is Being Wise by Afia Mansoor.

Humans live their lives in a strange dichotomy. Their bodily processes by default are running on a benevolent design that seems to be dictated by positive ness and function. But their minds are predisposed to a negative attitude towards life.

Let me explain.

Most of us who have had a chance to study about the physiological processes of the body know that these run on a default system. For most of us fortunately, if we have a sprain our bones work towards healing. The tiny alveoli in the lungs keep letting the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place non stop. The pea sized pituitary gland controls several extremely crucial functions like our hunger, sleep, bowel movements without our knowledge. The whole of human anatomy is based on a design that helps us live. How many of us know for instance that the liver is covered with a layer of thin membrane without which we could die because of the friction between the liver and other organs? The body and its millions of processes are designed to work, unless they fall prone to disease.

And then modern research has begun to investigate how disease can actually also be caused by how we think and react to life around us.

Which brings us to our tricky friend; the mind.

This is perhaps the master conductor of our body over which we DO have a degree of control and fail to realize that. For many of us, the mind takes over as a script of its own and keeps playing it and ultimately directing our worldview according to this script.

For many us, the script is full of dysfunction, misery, pessimism, fear, guilt, anxiety, bitterness and the like.  Interestingly research has proved that the way we think effects and reinforces our decision and attitudes. For instance, people who have been in stressful situations without coping with them effectively may be prone to a state of mind that refuses to process information accurately in newer situations that demand quick decisions. Their hypothalamus (the part of the brain that processes information and responds to stressors) actually reduces in size because they have been living in a state of anxiety, stress, bitterness or fear for too long.

Now imagine a kidney that’s envious of its peer and refuses to do its work. Have you heard of a heart that’s too angry at the gut for occupying more space and decides to take up more space. Does that ever happen?

No because the body seems to be in a state of gracious surrender to DESIGN.

And if it does happen, it has to be because of how we have behaved, thought and lived our lives. That is when we remove our body from its natural state of function through our thoughts and attitudes.

What this means is that if we think and behave negatively and ungratefully, this pattern is removed from the benevolent and positive pattern of LIFE.

Consider for instance, how many things can go wrong in your body. Millions. But do they? How many things can possibly go wrong around you in a given moment but do they? Yes you could be hit by a meteor right now but how many times has it happened to you or your loved ones?

And so is there a need to worry needlessly about the future that has not even materialized yet? Or of a past that has long gone but you make it ever so powerful each time you delve in it forgetting your present reality.

We abuse our systems with a consistent train of ungrateful and unnecessary thoughts. What if the theory about 2012 really holds true? What if my three-year old grows up in a recessive economy and doesn’t get a job? What if I end up getting cancer like my neighbor’s niece? When will these awful summers go?  Why did that mean scoundrel treat me so nastily? I feel blekh today. Why me? Why not them?

For some the thoughts go on and on and on. I don’t mean to belittle legitimate grief other negative emotions. But shouldn’t they be a fleeting presence in the course of life, like the awful bump and itch on the nose from a mosquito bite? Never mind if these negative thoughts are legitimate or not. They are NOT the pattern of LIFE if they go on for just too long.

Wouldn’t it just be a lot more easier on our systems to let go, to be grateful, to witness function around and in us and let it permeate through our thoughts?

Wouldn’t being grateful make us more attuned to what’s in and around us and make us decidedly more strong in living our lives?

  1. Haris says:

    Your post made me so grateful for all i have in life. Thank you for such a lovely blog. Very true and honest in its nature. Love the way you write.

  2. Josh says:

    a friend sent me the link to your blog
    Must admit you have a knack for great writing. keep it up!

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