Pushto Rap — FORTITUDE (via mahakhalid)

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Ramblings...

So I have been told the material for their songs pretains much to preaching the straight path and connecting oneself to the higher power. In the process, lead a moderated life of honesty, selflessness, compassion, fairness and the likes. I am still awaiting someone who can provide the exact translation to their material in Pushto language. But Ive had hits to this blog more times than I’d expected and I thought I’ll update to my review but sadly, an idea of the lyrics is all I have. It must make do for the time, I suppose. 🙂

*watch this space for translation’s once recieved.

Pushto Rap -- FORTITUDE I may be mistaken, but I think I heard their manager say “forCHItewd”. It was brought to my knowledge that there is a Pushto rap group out there. Yes, they’re a real rap group. Inspired by Tupac, Eminem etc. Lo and Behold: FORTITUDE. A Peshawar based group of rappers. Still very much in school/college/universit … Read More

via mahakhalid

  1. hello maha !!!! . thanks for the blog . 🙂 . well . insha’Allah .we [Fortitude] will soon be uploading the Pushto Verse translations along with the Full music Video . this was actually just a teaser video – Live on the spot recorded.
    Our upcoming projects are quiet Exciting . we’re coming up with our full music video . we are planing to name it ROCK THIS PARTY . but still not confirmed . Insha’Allah bringing Pushto hiphop in the market too .
    i would like to have you email ID : so that i can mail you the meaning of my pushto rap verse . so that you can get some idea of it . 🙂 . thank you for noticing us . really obliged to see your blog . keep in touch with Fortitude

    • mahakhalid says:

      Out of curiosity why do you call yourself party wrecker? If a nic name had to be used, like Shaxx does, why not ‘Musti’ or what ever nic name your friends address you with? You are kind to appreciate my review, it’s not half as detailed as my thought process goes. But i kept from commenting anymore merely, for I do not understand Pushto and more specifically because your group will go through all sorts of changes. Rest assured, so far what you have accomplished in terms of fan following and releasing your material given the circumstances, it has been a tremendous effort on your group’s part – Kudos to that. Here’s to hoping each one of you remains as passionate about the ‘said’ material, I am told, comprises of your lyrics and the group/band itself. I can not publish my email id on a public forum for privacy reasons but do ask Muqeet Khan for it. I would appreciate the translation very much, in fact you dont need to worry about its perfect portrayal. Send it in a format that i can best understand. Be it mix of English and Urdu, I’ll do the needful and fix it for public viewing. 🙂

  2. *we are planning * to name it rock this party typing mistake oops 😛

  3. Ol’rite sure! Well actually “partywrecker” is the name which ma cuxens, ma mates n friends used to call me from back in the day. I used to mess up alot on my own on parties, not intentionally but accidently. I used to ummmm… order pizza’s for ma friends in ma private Gt’s n accidently lock the main room, where all the money n car keys were placed. When the delivery guy would come n give me a bill of 5k, I’d head to the main room to get the money, turn the lock n realize what I’d done :p All ma frnds began to call me ‘Shughal Yawa’ [ PartyWrecker] So ehem, that was just one of those stories due to which I made this nic name official and pretty much in hiphop life. Wrecking means rocking in slang 🙂 When rappers appreciate some good stuff: they always use words like “dude you nailed it bruv!”, “you killed it yo!”, “you wrecked it man!”, “the beat is Sick! man” :p . So its fun to have a lil’ different name than the others. Thanks Maha. Well, i’ll send you the translation ASAP. 🙂

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