Hook, Line and Sinker

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Ramblings...
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Easy to please, extremely thought-provoking and intellectual to talk to, very deep and meaningful in conversation but forgiveness? When it comes to that, she crosses all boundaries of poisonous, villainous revenge. I loved the line in ‘Sin City’ when one of the characters says something about the capacity of a woman dedicating her smarts, intellect and everything she has, to take revenge. I guess it’s rightly said, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This is coming from a completely non feminist perspective but did anyone ever wonder why Karma is a BITCH and not a dog? Why did karma have to be a Female dog specifically? I guess it explains that when the scales balance and either of the two paybacks; good comes to you or bad, it’s as if the balance itself is a woman.

Notice how God gifted women are with their strengths and weaknesses which amaze us? She breaks down and cries on the littlest of things, yet she picks herself up, she is strong enough to deal with a loss, stronger than a man. And when it comes to loving, she goes to extremes man is not even worthy of. Revenge is a trait only she masters. So think twice before hurting a woman, my fellow-men and try to avoid getting on her bad side. In fact it’s not difficult to get on her bad side, because of her nature to be treated like a lady, with respect and patience. We all know man does not dwell in these matters with the care she expects so it isn’t too hard to piss her off every now and then. She’s very forgiving also, but she registers every detail that you might miss. Just don’t piss her off that badly that she’s forced to take revenge for the pain caused. A man’s mind can not grasp the tendency and extreme she will go to satisfy her need for revenge. Oh and rest assured, she’s much more evil than you imagine. I already covered her smarts in my post earlier ‘Draaactaaar saaaab enter thee hero af thee filam…

Behind those beautiful eyes, underneath the deep emotion that you may think you see, lies a venomous creäture with blood-shot eyes, savagely spiked mace in hand and if you could read her thoughts or even her face you’d see your head fixed a top a stick where your last expression reads ‘I’m so sorry, I want to take it all back’. Lets not sugar coat it ladies, we’re lovely but we’re evil when we’re pissed. Many of the women I know, including myself, tend to show our dark side. We let our frustration out but then there’s the general female, that’s the scariest kind, who will conceal it like no inch of venom exists in her or any female kind. Lies I tell you, all lies.

Continuing on the lines of what I mentioned in my earlier post about a woman’s smarts; she knows what you expect of her, she knows how you like her, she knows what will make you sick, hurt, or dislike her. Her every move is carefully thought out till the very end. She will seem honest to you, silly, blonde, plain dumb, needy, distressed and God knows what sorry situation she will put herself in. But my advise to the men reading this and those in my life is always to look for a girl, who you can relate to on the weirdest of things. Guy stuff, regular mundane activities, talks about hunting, weapons, cars, electronics that you are sure would bore an average girl. If she really and truly likes you she will want you so much that she will want to relate to you on every level. Im not talking about the obsessive girl who says yes to whatever you say. That’s just the clingy kind. The kind I speak of may not like it, but she will still take genuine interest for you. Not neccesarily like the same things you like still, but by taking interest i mean to say, listen to you attentively when you speak of whatever it is you are hyped about. Give you the power to educate her about it. All of this is for your sake.

Here’s what you can do: Bore her with yawning, mundane talk, other women (even actresses would do), hang up the phone as if you’re getting off the phone with your boys etc. Notice her reactions will be confused, afterwards distant and eventually she will show you a preview of her other side. But don’t do all of this in one go, don’t just begin and end the conversation this way. It requires a lot of thinking before acting, you have to avoid getting on her nerves. Your basic purpose is not to step on her nerves, that’s just your own fault, the point here is to give her a tease of the man whom she still very much wants but doesn’t want her back as much or plain treats her like any other acquaintance. I know all the women are hating on me right now. Please don’t. Think of how exciting it would be once again, where men werent dumb anymore. It’s not fair to win just because they can’t process matters like we do. When you put a woman on a pedestal and then treat her like an average, not so impressive female, she shows you what all she can be, when you frustrate her to the point where you are unpredictable to her and so are your interests & intentions, she shows you a highlight of her dark side.

All women are hypocrites, all of them lie, all of them have hidden agendas that may not necessarily be bad but they’re hidden none the less. You can never truly and completely understand every aspect of a woman. This stupid forward email about men’s brains and women’s brains was put together by a man for sure. Because whoever made it failed to grasp the idea of a woman. If a woman tells you ‘you can not understand her like I can’. The ‘her’ in which case could be your friend/ girlfriend/ wife/ sister/ mother/ daughter. She’s good for her word. Dont argue with her and instead turn to her for advise. No man, I have ever come across, who has been able to understand how a woman feels and processes everyday matters & interactions. Some of them are very good at judging characters of others their kind. They are so good they can even take a guess about the final result of a woman’s reaction from beginning (with her registering the action of another) to processing (what it is that she felt?, how she can react? and how she will?) and ultimately the reaction. These women take guesses and are mostly spot on as well. If you know of any women in your life who can be good judges of other female’s reactions, then by all means keep those lovely ladies close. They are certainly assets.

In a nutshell, a woman will go all in whether it is to destroy your very being or to make you feel, if not actually make you, the king of the world. Hook, line and sinker describes her basic nature and she’s born with it so you can’t hold it against her nor can you give her credit for it. She is made good, her good is too good. She is made evil, her evil is much too evil. But she’s given the ability to go deep with her emotions and no doubt she is God’s finest creation. If you’ve been with any woman and managed to come so close as to be absolutely certain of saying that you have known her in her best and her worst, then you have seen God’s finest creation in all its glory. And if after what you have seen you still remember her, whether it is out of hatred or love, then you have accepted her existence in its true sense. She’s beautiful, which means she’s good to look at it. She satisfies you in every regard. She stands by you, supports you, keeps you strong, keeps you committed, she makes you want to be a good human being, she looks up to you while also respecting you, making sure everyone else respects you too. But then, she can do the complete opposite of all that and more if you were to mistreat her. Now the feminist in me speaks; it is up to you gentleman, which side of hers you want to experience. Do you want the sweet or the sour? The choice is always yours. Yes, we give you that. The power is yours, use it wisely.

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh my GOD…. thats so true… I love your blog. Keep it up!

  2. nimrah says:

    read all of it… love this part ” she shows you what all she can be, when you frustrate her to the point where you are unpredictable to her and so are your interests & intentions, she shows you a highlight of her dark side.” Well written. but love it overall

  3. Alexie says:

    Abso FUCKING lutely Brilliant Maha. Where do you get your ideas for such topics? I completely agree with the above. All of it. two thumbs up for such a great write up.

  4. site says:

    This blog site is really cool! How was it made !?

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