Oh the satisfaction of tweeting bundles of love for the men in green and every other reaction to every single ball thrown at India. Reading tweets of friends and celebrities was even more fun. The dancing, the screaming, the swearing and best the viewing of amazing innings by Wahab Riaz. I went on to let my friends rub it in my face throughout the match, that i had complained why line up had him play and not Shoaib Akhtar. YES, I was so wrong. Wahab was more than the word amazing can describe and he did bring me the most joy from those innings. Beauty it was, pure joy. Mid break, my friends and I moved out of the house for fresh air, more snacks and well basically just to see the ‘surat-e-haal’ (situation) on the roads of LAHORE. The mot happening people from the most happening city in Pakistan had to have some entertainment out on the roads. So it seemed, it was 14th august in march and unlike ‘chaudaan ugust’ the chaos makers and the chaos receivers were all happy. No one cared about anything but the constant flow of Jazba and just that. For a few hours there, everyone in the city forgot about their petty problems that they like to so willingly hang onto so it amounts to reason enough to be depressed or just reactive. Lahore saw the best of everyone for a few hours, happiest of everyone and im assuming it was the same all around the country in every small city and every town of Pakistan. Haiey! the joy I felt, how alive it made me feel I can not forget. I wish I could hold that moment in a frame so we could come back every time we lost our mark as a united nation and remember that it was possible once before.

Proud Captain

Anyway, we proceeded from the chatkhara round about to M M Alam but seemed like it was jam-packed for entry, because people were dancing on the roads. Oh yes, BHANGRA FEVER was kicking it. Boys were hanging out from cars with flags. Almost every youngster had their official boom boom Team’s T-shirts on. Faces painted, beards and hair painted. Those who didn’t have their boom boom tees had other green attire on. Slogans were heard from passing by cars. “Pakistan Zindabaad” and other such patriotic slogans. All this noise and chaos was to show their excitement and ‘jazba’ for their country’s cricket team. I have heard people telling me “our cricket team has done what no one could do in 60 years, bring us together as one nation under one flag. Stand united and Stay united” I don’t know about 60 years or about unity under a flag but I sure as hell am qualified to conclude yesterday was a rollercoaster of emotions for us Pakistanis and most of us came out of it with pride for our cricket team and surely we believe in them still. They gave us an amazing tournament to, not only look forward to, but also to witness some great cricketers in the making and well yes excuse me for my evil tinge in the eye, I thoroughly enjoyed the falling of many “supposed” cricketers and cricket teams. Oh the satisfaction I feel I can not describe.

Triumph - The Insult Comic Dog

India deserved to win, they did a fine job in the MATCH. I will not comment on their performance or their fitness as a team. Because I don’t follow Indian matches and frankly don’t give two hoots. I just know I saw the game and I conclude; with all the blunders made by our team and all the better fielding, better batting as well as batting order and then the winning toss it was all in India’s favour and rightly so they won the game. Since 1983, if im not mistaken, India has now some hope of seeing the world cup being brought home. On the 2nd of April. May the best team win. And since I can not help myself, if Sri Lanka should win, please remember how we beat them in a game earlier in the tournament. *mutley laugh*

Jokes Apart, it can’t be denied we won every single game of the tournament, except the one with New Zealand. I cried on that game, I could not breathe on the semi final loss. I cried bitter tears, if it weren’t for the people in the room with me Id have screamed along with the tears. I gathered myself shortly afterwards and completely recovered from sorrow to pride as soon as I heard my Green Team Captain Shahid Afridi say ” I want to say sorry to my nation, but we did our best”. R-E-S-P-E-C-T mister, you have earned it! What a true super star he is, what a great captain, what a slap on the face of all those commentators who kept saying he is not calm & contained enough for a captain, he is no Dhoni on the field. C’mon now? what do you have to say for someone with the amount of pressure put on him. Did he not prove to be just what the doctor ordered at times such as these that we have witnessed? Who could have been better at the job but Shahid Khan Afridi? Does anybody even know the Pathan sentiment? He promised he’d get the team to the semi-finals and he did exactly that. Plus what forgiveness is he asking from his Nation? he shouldnt have to, we must accept his fine captaincy and the youngsters experience from this tournament. All these lessons learnt should not be wasted, provided they stay consistent with their improvements and excel at the game. We will witness some fine cricket again, God willing, we may even witness some great win’s. For all the love and pride we have for the team, lets vow to receive them with open arms and big hearts. Because we would be indians if we didn’t. HAHA. Yes their captain did not once mention Pakistan in his many speeches, neither did any other indian cricket team player. Forget being gracious, they were down right dismissive, yes they are that insecure. Maybe mentioning “Pakistan” gives birth to their paranoia that their cup will be jinxed or some Pakistani will secretly enter a backdoor to where the cup is held and steal it. Muhahahahaha.

When I arrived home with a broken heart, my father said “Now, is when, they are a team” and I get it. I agree, in the larger plan than the one our minds can conceive and in the plans of a higher power we certainly can not perceive, this loss is minute. For better times ahead for this country and its cricket. CHEERS. 🙂

I hear from friends in advertising agencies and other marketing firms tell me that their clients have refused to put up ‘welcome back’ sign boards. tut tut. How sad! I would go receive them myself with my minions in tow but they’re landing in Karachi. I hope family and friends there can do what I would wish we would had they landed in Lahore. My cousin Natasha tweets: We congratulate India on winning the semi-final, as a good will gesture India can keep Pakistan’s prime minister. She has since the semi final changed her twitter page’s background to show the Pakistani cricket team logo (the green star with Pakistan written in it in Urdu) from Tasha’s beautiful self. My other favourite cousin’s tweets still pretty much show the same frustration, Talha still wants to get wasted or doobified. He is resorting to appreciating music, which basically is him coming back to life. If you’re ready to laugh about the match yesterday read: http://www.cricketwithballs.com/2011/03/31/make-dot-balls-not-war-2/ & then if you wish to read Nadir Hassan’s take on win/lose scenario written before the match even began: http://tribune.com.pk/story/139910/the-real-losers-of-the-match/ please keep in mind 24 hours later he’s still for the option of getting publicly drunk, which im sure is more of something that he just wants to do than it having anything to do with the match yesterday. His last tweet: Not the slightly bit surprising that thug Modi has banned the Gandhi-was-bisexual book. Yes Nadir is onto the indians in any way he can attack, degrade or disregard them. Everyone comes around to accepting it at their own time I guess. Here you can take your captain’s side: http://pkpolitics.com/discuss/topic/ian-chappell-labels-pakistan-captain-shahid-afridi-crazy-and-idiotic

Dawn & Jang shame on you. I stand by what The News had to say. Here i quote from the telegraph:

Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakistan’s would-be champion, cast a tragic figure as his team’s World Cup campaign ended in a suffocating defeat at the hands of India,” leading English newspaper Dawn said.

Urdu language newspaper Jang was also critical of the team’s performance and criticised the players’ “dismal show”.

However it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Especially after a year when Pakistan have made off-field headlines their own.

The News said that “the overall performance of the team was much better than expected and (captain) Shahid Afridi rallied his troops brilliantly to take the team to the semi-finals.”

“Our boys could not make it in the end but they fought like brave men and lost to a better side, which had the added advantage of playing at home before their cheering crowds,” said the paper.

As for the Indian newspapers the Telegraph quotes:

India’s newspapers also paid tribute to Pakistan‘s performance.

The Hindustan Times declared: “Pakistan will return home defeated but not bowed” after the team, hit by match-fixing charges and a poor run record, was given little chance of reaching the latter stages of the tournament.

“The way they played and competed on Wednesday, they certainly leave with their heads held high,” the paper added.

http://www.sportingo.com/cricket/a19790_india-deserved-beat-pakistan-claims-harbhajan: Harbajhan Singh. tsk tsk

Wasim Akram was not too happy with Afridi’s decision to send Razzaq in for batting instead of coming himself. Other famous quotes:


Green Team Captain’s press conference pre-match:

and post match

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said
“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”

how long should you try? Until. I forgot who said it 😉


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