Dont let the Title scare you. That’s how excited I got at these strange innovations that i don’t mind quoting Rihanna. 🙂

A list of 20 of the coolest umbrella’s, is indeed an innovation in the realm of umbrella’s I fully support. Of them my favourites are: in order of preference.


My knuckles are telling the rest of my hand to grab a hold of this umbrella. 😉

Lightdrops Umbrella

This one is my absolute favourite, every time raindrops fall on the umbrella, it produces light. Sweet.

Weather forecasting umbrella

During Monsoon season, early morning, running late to work you only have time to catch a glimpse of your umbrella and it tells you whether you can do without it for the day or its best it go with you. Brilliant technology. Who needs to follow weather forecasts? 🙂

Bluetooth Umbrella

If anyone’s been half as irritated as I have been on a rainy day, running late to a meeting and the phone ringing off the hook. And all you can think about is, who it is NOW? and whether its important you take it at the cost of getting wet and spoiling your best clothes. Well then this Umbrella solves that issue. Very much  MUST HAVE on my list. It works like any other bluetooth headset device, just pair the two and when the phone rings you can talk through the handle of the umbrella. Its got a touchscreen display that displays caller id, with a mic and speaker on either side.

Lightstick Umbrella

I hear its cheap and I can tell anything with light is an instant hit with us Asians. Reminds of blade runner. On a more productive level, it gives you light in a dark rainy day. Hell, I just like it because it’s a fun item to have.

The following two Umbrella’s are especially useful to my friends currently studying in institutes such as the one I was studying at, where Umbrella’s was a must to have. Be it rain or shine. It was always windy and both rain or shine was either extreme unhealthy for our well being.

Inside out Umbrella

The Inside out Umbrella makes it easy to carry, not like this Chinese girl of course. But look how compact it becomes, one can just stuff it in their book bags. They don’t take a lot of space to carry in vehicles either, especially those travelling by bus or carpooling with an entire group of friends. Plus the whole idea of inside out, helps keep the wet umbrella inside its covering. It soaks up the rain water and dries on its own. But not when you’re carrying it inside out.

Senz Smart Umbrella

This Particular Umbrella does nothing amazing, but in very windy areas where a standard Umbrella may turn inside out. This one keeps its frame fixed. In spite of winds blowing in its direction or its opposite direction.

Flask Umbrella

Imagine old gentlemen walking out from a late meeting or bridge game, heading home on foot sharing a drink. Ah well have no fear the flask Umbrella is here. Must have for that lot. And misused, of course, by my lot. Suddenly they will have an inclination to carry their umbrella’s everywhere. *rolls eyes*

Eco Brolly Umbrella

This one is not meant for long or hard rains. Its usefulness is in its eco-friendliness. So if you’re one for environment and recycling. Then this Umbrella frame is for you, any newspaper may be stuck on its frame to substitute for an Umbrella.

Hands free Nubrella

At the expense of looking like a goof, Nubrella’s only function is roaming around hands-free while being protected from the rain. Dont let this chic make you want to buy one or feel better about looking like a goof 😉

Hydro Chromatic Umbrella

This umbrella is standard black when you buy it, but as soon as you use it in the rain. It changes colour, gives you textures or colours and as soon as it dries back to black, its like any other standard umbrella again.


No this umbrella is not inspired by twilight’s main character “bella” and hence not meant for a rain of vampires. (Dont you just wish you twilight fans?– pathetic) This umbrella is meant for areas and/or times when its raining “cats & dogs” and those cats and dogs are coming from everywhere at you. So, to keep rain away not only from head to toe but from your left to right and your right to left as well, the superbella is very useful.


Unlike the Umbuster, these bad ass babies just give you a feeling of being in a mission impossible movie. They are nothing but sexy looking sword type umbrellas, rest of it is pretty standard umbrella stuff. *Yawn*

Internet Projector Umbrella

Still a prototype, but this particular umbrella features projector like canopy and you obviously need internet to be able to project youtube videos or weather forecasts on the top of the umbrella. Not so useful as is an innovation in the said technology realm

  1. rccwsu9 says:

    I had no idea there were so many different umbrellas. Modern technology never stops amazing me. I like how you how described each one and added a little a humor here and there. If you find the time or get bored please read a couple of my writings and comment on them. Thanks and never stop writing.

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