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Dont be misunderstood by the title, it’s not about the perfect match for my perfect self. No i have not found mister Right driving past me on the busy roads of my city nor is it that I have given in to the frustration of being single and finally to my own surprise resort to online dating. NO NO NO. I’m talking about the highlight of our lives this year, so far since 2011 began. Nothing bigger has effected us at large. I wish, yes I do, that we were more involved in helping to rehabilitate after the flood of 2010. But I think it was much-needed, a form of national uplifting of spirits. With so much to be depressed about all around, cricket was just the thing. Oh we have been highly unpredictable in our reactions towards our team and in turn our team has been highly unpredictable in their performance past years. I like to believe our team was going through a change. See, with the old and the very comfortable line up of legendary bowlers and batsmen alike, our team was settled into our brains as Pakistan’s finest. They were all we could hope for, they’d shown us the best of the green team and kids who aspired to be cricketers followed their style. Then came the Saeed Anwar religious fever days.

beards crept into the game

infographic for a past match

Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against bearded men. I respect any person who regardless of belonging to a profession such as cricket, requires true dedication and hard work to excel at it, and even then when the light of Islam should enter their hearts give it all up in the name of their Lord. I just don’t understand what the Lord would have against the sport? or why? To me Saeed Anwar was so lost in this light that he just couldn’t give his game as much attention. As much as I appreciate the current culture, the trend which likes of Saeed Anwar are responsible to inspire, the time that it creeped into their lives for the first time was its ultimate distraction. We did not need distraction, in fact we needed true dedication. They liked to believe that with the faith in God revived, God was the only one who could get them the fame, the game and the cup. And indeed, God was the only power that could make it happen but even God wanted them to not just want the cup but struggle for it too.

See like the general public of my nation, among the ones with blind faith. They believe that God giveth…. and just that. God taketh, God giveth. God maketh all problems go away. Why? they never question what makes them so deserving of God’s giving. Just sitting hand on hand, whining to the Lord does not make one worthy of receiving. Unless you truly want something and you are ready to move every limb and give it your complete dedication while obviously having faith in thy Lord to reward you for your hard work, why expect a miracle to happen to you?

Saeed Anwar was a great batsmen, i remember many a great match because of his performance. Oh the partnerships, the sixes and the centuries. Good ol’ days. But in his preaching the true religion to his team mates, he may have forgotten the job description to be part of the cricket team. Because it was up to the rest of the lot how they perceived all of this and what they made of it. The team gradually moved from Boys clad in green to maulvis clad in green.. with beards. The islamic revolution within the team was in the making at that time. It was going through its earliest of stages. Thus, breaking down old and creating new players.

I mean i liked Yousaf Yohanna, even when he was a christian. I didn’t care whether he followed his religion or not so long as he played his game. I didn’t care if they bowed down to the ground or looked up to the skies and thanked God or just pretended to be a fighter jet like Shoaib Akhtar. They just had to keep their head in the game. But they didn’t, not entirely. Then came the time for retirement for many and that was the beginning of a new era in the Pakistani Cricket culture.

New players like Misbah ul Haq, who was hands down my T-20 favourite. He won the hearts of many and remained consistent with his batting and amazing fielding since. Kamran Akmal replaced our old wicket keeper Moin Khan. And even though no one could be Moin Khan, Kamran wasnt half as bad behind the wicket. We owe him for some great entertainment. Current situation at hand, most of my friends hating on him for his missed catches, should not be the reason to write him off our books of the very best this country had seen at what they do.

The Team for cwc 2011

Kamran’s younger brother Umar, he is an opener in the making. Under the supervision of Shahid Afridi I would imagine this lad could prove to be an asset to the Pakistani Cricket team in the years to come. Provided he is consistent, of course. He is also a good fielder. Umar Gul, is no Wasim Akram but he is good at what he does. He’s good-looking, despite what my male friends think. His voice is not so manly, he looks good in the HBL ad because of the lighting and other such remarks were made by the men around me. Well I still like him. I don’t want to marry him, he is a good bowler, I like that he takes wickets, he takes good advise and is good on the field too. Much like Razzaq, Gul’s wicket taking average in his early career is commendable.

Hello love

Boom Boom


All in all, the new team, as I’d like to call it a mix of many youngsters and a few good experienced players, is a fresh out of the oven possibly worthy of our taste buds. We may acquire a liking to it over the years. I do so believe if they want to, they can bring it. The cup and the experience both. Its high time, our new lads got a feel of what its like to win the world cup. Especially since, among the participating countries of the world cup 2011, seem to be going through their change like we did, as I mentioned earlier. And they don’t even have the light from God distracting them of their game. It’s just their tired limbs and aging bones.

In all seriousness, it makes me proud how each one of the Pakistani team players, that has had the opportunity to speak for the camera, always began their speech with “in the name of Allah, the most gracious & the most merciful”. It makes me so proud of the kind of change that has brought not only our cricket team players, but also the fans of these players the faith in their God. True representation of their countries religion, this confidence overcomes them when they leave the final result of their struggle to a higher power. Surely they are becoming good men while playing this game. Respect for their religion, respect for their captain, sensitivity towards their crowds. What a sight it is and what a feeling of pride we must feel.

Tomorrow is “THE MATCH” between Pakistan and India. It is only a semi final. But critics are calling it the world cup itself. So it is. I hear hospitals will be on high alert, heart attacks may be a possible result of the game tomorrow. Either the country will be drowning in sorrow and tears or making merry, marching to the roads in crowds. Dancing, singing, just basically making a lot of noise. Whatever that may become. keep the Facebook statuses and tweets coming with all this love and belief in your team. Changing display pictures on social networking sites, on the verge of forcing YouTube to crash, uploading obsessive content about cricket team favourites. From interviews, to old match highlights, to songs, compilations, whatever can possibly be brought to light through video keep it coming. It’s all good. This energy is what we need, this kind of positivity is what every team needs from the ones who love the game. At least we aren’t getting paranoid of “kala pathar” superstitious bullshit or supporting our team because we find them players cute. Just keep the love flowing and the prayers coming. I recommend my non druggie, non alcoholic friends to keep a bottle of triaminic cough syrup (the one that makes you sleepy) for when your throat hurts after all that screaming and well the added advantage that it will calm you down. For the others you all will have your “stuff” ready in either circumstance so cheers all. Let the game begin. Oh and for my paranoid friends and the ones who have dreamed of the match turning in either country’s favour. Please wake up and tune your brain into the tv so you come back to reality. What has to happen, will happen. You have got to love the game and appreciate your country’s achievement to be where they are today. Luck did not get them there, they worked for it. So support them whether they win this or not and be proud of your team.

Kill Asif Shah in case of stage 3 of frustration. Yes yes i will be out on triaminic I wouldn’t know if the world will come to an end should the tables turn in India’s favour. Brrrrr, even saying it sends shivers all over my body. Dwell in all positive thought my fellow country people. WE CAN is why WE WILL and surely with the help of our LORD and our great captain’s GAME PLAN WIN THIS SEMI FINAL and go on to WIN THE FINAL of 2011’s CRICKET WORLD CUP.


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