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I may be mistaken, but I think I heard their manager say “forCHItewd”. It was brought to my knowledge that there is a Pushto rap group out there. Yes, they’re a real rap group. Inspired by Tupac, Eminem etc. Lo and Behold: FORTITUDE. A Peshawar based group of rappers. Still very much in school/college/university(I cant quite place because one looks old the other looks slightly less older and the rest too young for college). I don’t know Pushto, so I cant give my opinion on their material. I did, however, like these decent boys pulling off the bad boy look and like they said in their interview on my friend’s show, there’s a stereo type to rapping. According to them rappers fit a stereo type of gangsters, they have no intention of being one or any desire to be seen as gangsters (they do call their lot “the gang” but i guess thats just slang for the group thats so cool together :p). They don’t sell drugs nor are pimps/gangsters but yes there’s a certain bad boy/wild child touch to rapping.

It was pure coincidence that I caught them on my friends show today. I don’t even watch the show and had only tuned in because he messaged that the highlight of his show was going to be Asif Shah, for him I HAD to tune in. Instead these crisp and clean boys from pakhtoon land caught my attention. Two thumbs up for following a genre not so popular with boys their age group and certainly not in their part of the world, at least not what I would expect. They not only took up rapping, they’re good at it. I heard them live on the show today and they did a bit of english mixed with its translation (I assume) in Pushto.

This one is i think their demo:

The boy Shaxx keeps fixing his collar in every frame, while the fantastic four behind the main two just pose. I keep expecting them to jump out from those bushes and start dancing like star boys or at least sing some chorus. But jokes apart, I didn’t see these lads with the critics eye. Much too soon to criticise them, plus they have my vote of confidence if they keep at it. Who knows they may be the next best thing Pakistan’s music industry will see.

Wah moment indeed. Fortitude boys are still pretty amateurish but they are doing a great job at bringing their stuff out. The video is decent enough, better than many locally made videos. Their content is although recorded live, vocals at least. But they’ve pulled it off. The complete act, all boy band, rapping only, nothing cheap and low-class. Just for the love of rapping and their pride in their regions language. I salute you boys, great job and keep at it. We need young talent like this. I never thought after Rahim Shah we’d see anything with the Pushto touch.

so how about the Balochi’s? are you game? YET?

You can find out about the band at: and rest of their videos on YouTube.

  1. Mrs Alamzeb Khan says:

    Thanks Maha for a very special blog, you seem to be an excellent blogger you did a superb job by quite truly and positively analyzing ‘fortitute’ and their rap, i am mother of Shahkar and Shumail as mother i couldnt resist to write you back..God give your pen more power and brilliance and may you succeed in life.

    • mahakhalid says:

      Mrs Alamzeb, first of all Thank you for appreciating inspite of the critical and sarcastic characteristic of the blog. So very kind of you. I did mean it in all sincerity. God is my witness, I watched BOOM ON LIVE till the very end only to hear more about your son’s group. It was a treat to read your response not because you appreciated my blog, i have no intention of appealing to anybody. But infact i am both surprised as well as happy to know that these boys have supporting parents. That is certainly not something i witness in routine. App kee duaon keh liyay bohut bohut shukriya. 🙂

  2. sarmad kiani says:

    really really loved the blog . my my .well i have seen these boys rap live . i asked my pukhtoon friends to tell me about the meaning of pushto rapping in it . and when i found out the meaning of the words mustafa kamal said in his rap . i really started loving it more and more . he talked about the people who do munafiqat and shirk . and advised them to be good and advised the muslims and youth of pakistan to leave all the sinful acts and greed and do prayers to make their lives more peacful and get paradise etc . the main thing about them is that . they are truly talented because they introduced rap in a new language that hasnt been done by any other person . and may i tell you that me , my friends and college mates love the way people are appreciating good talent in this country because ‘humaray mulk my log bohot kam logon ko appreciate kartay hain ‘ and to know that they are pathans . firstly it was a shock . but truly proud of pakistani talent . hope to see more of it . really loved your blog maha

    • mahakhalid says:

      Well that is one thing they can add to their next video, perhaps subtitles. If what you say is true and they’re preaching what they are. I’ll stamp my vote of confidence on their talent. I agree with you, appreciation is scarce and criticism abundant in our nation. But all criticism is not meant to discourage. If they can or you can provide translation in ‘english’ (preferably) to the above video I’d be happy to insert it in my blog. Thank you for your patience in reading my review and for appreciating it.

  3. Naseer Afridi says:

    Naseer Afridi here, one of their friends around in music circle. These guys have been pulling off great if you ask me, a great blog i may say. Though sarcastic somewhere but thats the gun part. Due to these guys, i had a urge of making a pashto Rock track myself. Pashto is going to a new level now :P. And i hope it keeps doing that. 😀 Fortitude rocks. and so Does ur Blog 😀

  4. umar ejaz says:

    thankyou MAHA for this have analysed the video quite well, i appreciate it.
    actually my friend mustafa(THE BOY IN BLACK JACKET) was planning for this video since last year and now finally they came with this i always had been supporting them and i always will they are doing something more creative and promoting the PUSHTO language in such a way that makes young generation listen to it which is highly appreciable GOOD GOING GUYS ! 🙂

    • mahakhalid says:

      Appreciate it Umar. 🙂 Thank Muqeet Khan for making me watch his show BOOM ON LIVE. I’d have never known about them had it not been for him. Video pe concentrate kia ja sakta hai 😉 but it’s secondary to their material.

  5. hira shoukat says:

    Very nice.I have been in their concert and they really rocked the pukhtoons and punjabies as well.Very impressive self created beats and superb work. Keep rocking guys 🙂

  6. saniya malik says:

    uhh thats honoured to be here on yur blog page just luv yu all …. keep on rockng and my all prayers wd yu ok //// best of luck hav a gud future wd gr8 success….ameen

  7. saniya malik says:

    If you’re reading this, please know I’m gone And that whatever I had to do is done
    You might be surprised to know that Death won And that this cannot be undone
    Soon I’ll be turning to stone Searching for the unknown Wondering why I was alone
    Always staying on my own

    Maybe in vain Trying to ignore the rain Trying to ignore the pain While trying to stay sane I know you think everything is alright But you should try to clear your sight Although I never showed any signs of fright I wondered what it’s like to see the light You know now that I lost the fight And by that same fact lost my insight I’m leaving you this note That I’d already wrote Now, I’ll be going away Because you don’t want me to stay But now I’ll just lay On this ashy day….

  8. Muhammad Furqan Xeb says:

    Hey maha, m Furqan. M from X productions. Wajahat Ahmad Khan is the director of this video who is also from X productions. So thnx for appreciating the video.
    I appreciate whatever you write. Keep on supporting the new talent of Pakistan, as well as you can do some positive criticism on them.

    • mahakhalid says:

      Furqan, I remember you from the show with Muqeet. I wanted to call in and ask about this X productions thing. I remember when I was still in university ’04 I think, I was part of one X productions and I believe its still there. Lahore based now either head by Hamza also known by “meeru” or hes just a part of it I think. Is it the same thing or do two X productions co-exist? Please do find out about this and clarify. I believe it was liscensed back in my day.
      Thank you for reading my review and your kind words.

  9. Furqan Khattak says:

    Thanks MAHA KHALID..this is really a decent and loving review..:)
    Fortitude boys doing terrific work…we all are satisfied..thumbs up guys…
    we love you all.. ❤
    Fortitude for eternity ❤

  10. […] I may be mistaken, but I think I heard their manager say "forCHItewd". It was brought to my knowledge that there is a Pushto rap group out there. Yes, they're a real rap group. Inspired by Tupac, Eminem etc. Lo and Behold: FORTITUDE. A Peshawar based group of rappers. Still very much in school/college/universit … Read More […]

  11. Atif says:

    hey its awsum and by the way this is firsr pashtoon rapper gang so we are proud to be PAKISTANI and pakhtoons

  12. Atif says:

    and thanks maha khalid for this blog

  13. DLZEZ says:





  14. Haseeb sherazi says:

    Hey this is Haseeb Sherazi from lahore.i truly appreciate the work done by this girl and i just wnna say one thing that these guys are doing a fabulous job. Now our music industry is moving towards new revolution.So its a request to all the people who are reading it, do support this rocking “FORTITUDE”
    keep rocking and shinning like a star !!

  15. sheenu belle says:

    Hey ths is sheenu from Abbottabad ! I got to know of theses guys thru a frnd n wow thr they are extremly talented guys Mashallah doing a gr8 job n taking pashto msuic to a whole new level ! Love their work they r doing a gr8 effort hope to see thez guys grow better n better everyday as they r already 😛 Anyways so keeprocking guys fans love u n support u 😀 Fortitude Rocks ! And in the endd maha ur blog made it awesome ! A great job done by u Indeed ! 😀

  16. Nida S Malik says:

    Way to go boys!!

    And Maha, you’ve done a great job!!

  17. Sa Khan says:

    pashtoonzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rock

  18. Maha – its mustafa kamal – The official music video of FORTITUDE – Pukhtoon core is on its way . this september . stay tuned 🙂

  19. muffy says:

    HELLO maha . btw new tracks of FORTITUDE are out now . Big market now . NO BORDERS , SO FLY , NO DISRESPECT and BEFORE I FALL . Do check them out . stay blessed 🙂

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