"equally different"

I came across this image and for a moment there I tried to picture some pea brain, with no intention of discriminating instead only just trying HIS BEST, given his pea brain and hence level of common courtesy/sensitivity among the masses, to help the world see how these beautiful kids belonging to different parts of the globe are equally deserving of our love and acceptance. Then I can’t help but get pissed off at the banner underneath. seriously????? “it doesn’t matter” if it doesn’t matter what colour they are then… oh no wait he goes on to say NORMAL! As is evident, this pea-brain is considering himself normal and yes its obvious he’s white. So Normal automatically means being white. How he hypothesised this conclusion? what factors were taken into account to come to this conclusion? I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO KNOW. I hope he would impregnate a pea brain, black woman and then has a black child. Lets see him call his not so “white and normal” kid NORMAL. Discrimination of any individual puts you in a level lower than any low life. By definition, being able to discriminate means you have the eye for detail, you can spot differences etcetera. This kind of ability gets you to top talented jobs level. I don’t deny I myself have been great at this “spotting differences”. From spot the difference in pictures on the back of cereal boxes to noticing how a friend changed the shape of her eyebrow after only slightly thinning it out. I don’t deny that I see how someone is fairer and another is darker, especially in front of the fairer. It is funny admit it. I cant help but notice a very short man especially when they pass by very tall men. But to notice them, stare at them? or look down on them? or if not that then, as all women are find the taller one more accepting. Why? because women cant come out of their small mindedness of “tall, dark and handsome?” oh no wait they’ve customized that too in my land, where mostly men are dark. So it becomes “Tall, FAIR and handsome” and their idea of handsome is thus entirely different from the notion that this line was originally pointed at. I notice these things too. But that’s where associations come into play. Fairer does not make another better or darker, more of a fighter. Fatter does not mean a slob necessarily and being a male does not amount to superior. I believe, associations are not just made at an early age, although yes that’s when we learn most of who we become. I do believe if these associations to discrimination or lets say differences obvious to the eye, at an early age when they first become obvious to a child the parents instead of covering up for it should not mind the discrimination so much in fact pay attention to the associations made to these differences. for instance, a child can be told that the maid may be Filipino, but she’s a working woman, hard-working at that, specializes in her job and has been hired for her services because we can not do it ourselves as well as she does. Filipino’s are also Bankers, Lawyers, Business men, Shop Owners etc. Word of Advice: DONT UNDERESTIMATE THE GRASP OF A KID IN KINDERGARTEN.

If you lay the groundwork for a child, you will get feedback on what he’s storing in his memory for all times. You can mould it, change it, manipulate him into believing anything you want and best of all be responsible for educating him about the most important of things. You either make or break a child’s personality at that age. I also don’t find it the least bit amusing when uncles or aunts teach their nephews & nieces, swear words or laugh (positive reinforcement) in response to their spoiled brat’s tantrums. Oh you are disturbed on a level that makes me sympathise with you, really! But that’s a topic for some other time.

  1. t-man says:

    muahahaha 🙂

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