A stroll in the city… glimpse into what appeals to twisted minds

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Ramblings...
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Photo taken: Dubai Photo courtesy: Amal Khurram

What the F*** were they thinking? who in their right minds could miss this? Okay if this was some angraizi (english) institute in some gora land (foreign land) i would JUST laugh. But i cant JUST laugh now, its in dubai. There are so many pakistani and indians living there. Plus, im sure even the tamilnadus know urdu language meaning of ‘tatti’. HAHAHA. This is brilliant stuff really.

Photo taken: Muree, Pakistan Photo courtesy: Farhan Zafar

U: pronounced as yew. As if you did not know that in yellow, the Y&E would give you the sound ‘ye’ close to the pronounciation of U. Okay im done trying to defend this sign board, its out right senseless. The only sense it makes is in punjabi. Try to make sense of U-ello on your own now. 😉

Photo taken: mall, Muree Photo courtesy: Farhan Zafar

Toblerone = Everest, Picnic/Crunch = Prunch. I guess the locals dont agree to the brands given their physical description. So they just give it their own brand names instead. Way to go.

Photo taken: Dubai Photo courtesy: Amal Khurram


casa tua : kaysa tua. At the expense of losing my class & finesse, i oh so pride myself to uphold. And basically to avoid the beginning of rambling too much. Ill let you figure this one on your own. If you know punjabi, great. For those of you who dont ill just say this much: GOOGLE = Tua/Tui. Kaysa just means how/what kind of.

Photo taken: Lahore Photo courtesy: Amal Khurram


I can not place if this was the billboard of a hotel or some such resort. But i do know that this HAVEN was meant to be HEAVEN and that the owners of this place did not have a great grasp on the knowledge. Because they couldve just let their mistake be a new name. meaning the same thing essentially. Instead of making it as obvious as they did. “they made a mistake in the printing of the name”

Photo taken: Dubai Photo courtesy: Amal Khurram

I’m sorry but i only got to know the meaning of “bonda” just recently. I cant explain it even if i wanted to, not publicly. So ask someone, make sure its not your family. The meaning is not decent, as is obvious 😉

Photo taken: unknown Photo courtesy: Amal Khurram

Oh la! So im assuming Zinger is a guy considering Zinker here is lusty enough for Zinger. Heh!

Photo taken: Lahore Photo Courtesy: Amal Khurram

Okay i get how sometimes people at the expense of sounding too uncreative, copy words out of foriegn languages. But Deja Blue? from Deja VU? no way. Its a whole different level of uncreativity i dont even want to dwell on. For now this home delivery service is saying “de ja blue” as in come and give blue. Now that got me started on a different string of thought. BLOCKING MENTAL IMAGE.. :/


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