The black & the white... oh and the grey matter


Chess was a board game from what i remember, A RECTANGULAR BOARD. it had edges. Everything can not be changed to meet “supposed” new age wants and then be called an innovation. In my perspective, so to speak, there’s either the black or the white, there’s no grey. Grey is just a colour. I like to wear grey, its one of my favourite earthy tones. But chess pieces? NAH. Life decisions? I CANT SEE GREY. Call me colour blind if you may.

Sure this circular board fits perfectly on the coffee table now, doesnt bump into the players elbow every now and then. Sure, it gives three people a game to play. But the whole idea of Chess was one action met by a response of one person. Two minds at play, two individual reactions and actions. That’s the whole idea of the game. I don’t see how 3 Man chess is anything but a fail in the board game spectrum.

for your own review of 3 man chess go to :


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